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Shinto Theatre Enthrals Audience

Shinto Theatre Enthrals Audience

Audience at the Jawahar Kala Kendra at Jaipur was enthralled by a Japanese Shinto theatrical dance performance organized to mark 60 years of Japan India cultural relations. Organised by the Japan Foundation, New Delhi in collaboration with Jawahar Kala Kendra, performance was presented by the ‘Magisawa Kagura Group.’ Started in 1912, Magisawa Kagura is a folk performing art which held its first performance for a shrine in Magisawa district. The performance was by a group of 8 people. The performance is essentially a musical theatre for Shinto gods with toned narration and dance accompanied by big gongs, flutes and drums. The performers narrate mythological stories and folk tales through their dance.   The artistes in Jaipur presented two dance performances – Tori Mai and Sanbaso. While the former was a dance of fowls, the latter was a dance form that essentially wishes for plentiful production of grain. Sanbaso is worshipped as the God of harvest in this performance. The artistes in this performance were Shigeyuki Abe, Seiki Yoshida, Jun Iwabuchi, Hiroki Abe and Shinya Iwabuchi. 

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