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Shippingwala: A Cutting-edge Offline Shipping Aggregator for Indian E-commerce

Logistic services have attained a new level of significance in the modern world on account of the growing demand from e-commerce channels all over the world. Organizations are putting forward considerable efforts in implementing serious supply chain and logistic setup to streamline their business operations. The e-commerce platforms can only meet the expectations of their customers with the help of an efficient logistic service provider.

The pandemic has left a positive impact on the e-commerce business. As a result, more and more businesses are adopting the online business model to widen their customer base. In such a scenario, logistic services serve as a bridge between the customers and the businesses allowing the businesses to provide a convenient shopping experience. Incepted in 2017, Shippingwala is a new-age offline shipping aggregator that tackles every shipping operation with utmost care and responsibility.

Shippingwala, India’s first offline shipping aggregator, is an economic logistic solution that helps companies to withhold logistic trends so that they do not have to lose a competitive edge. Following the growth in e-commerce, every e-commerce business is trying to generate more customers and retain the existing customers through faster shipping services. They have started to rely on the logistic businesses to stay in favor with their customers. A logistic aggregator like Shippingwala takes care of all the challenges regarding shipments without compromising with customer delight.

These days, customers look for the fastest delivery with minimal or no shipping charges. At the same time, modern customers refuse to settle for low quality or inaccurate delivery. Inevitably, online sellers seek shipping partners with expertise in all the aspects of e-commerce logistics. Therefore, Shippingwala’s goal is to establish itself as a reliable and affordable shipping partner that can attend to the logistic needs of the business of all scales. With more than 4 years of experience in the market, the logistic company is performing an important role in the growth of e-commerce businesses.

As a leading offline shipping aggregator, Shippingwala covers 29 Indian states and 23,000+ pin codes with their delivery services. With a team of 15 professionals, they cater to more than 2000 orders on a daily basis. Their professional pick-up and delivery agents make the entire shipping process smooth for both the sellers and the buyers. From COD to reverse pickup, they are a one-stop solution for effective shipping management. With an aim to ship one million parcels every month, Shippingwala has already delivered more than 60 million parcels and is currently working with 50+ customers who see Shippingwala as a way to upscale their businesses. The brand has 3 offices in India along with one offline franchise and envisages serving more than 1 million sellers in the next five years.

To thrive in this competitive online market, businesses require having the right logistics plan in place. Having Shippingwala as a shipping partner will provide them with the competitive advantage they desire in terms of customer satisfaction and customer retention. No doubt, with their cheap, responsible and secure delivery solutions, Shippingwala is proving itself a top-dog in the Indian logistic landscape.        

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