Shloka Sudhakar – Winner of Karnataka Women Achiever’s Award 2021 for ‘Excellence in Fashion’

Shloka Sudhakar - Winner of Karnataka Women Achiever’s Award 2021Shloka Sudhakar - Winner of Karnataka Women Achiever’s Award 2021

January 19: Shloka Sudhakar has been on a professional high the last couple of years; she has constantly been in the news for her creations, awards and achievements! Adding another feather to her already colourful hat is her having received the Karnataka Women Achiever’s Award 2021 for “Excellence in Fashion”!

Crossing in on five years in the fashion industry, and she has already come a long way. “The glamour world seems all fun and exciting from the outside, but it is never a bed of roses”, states Shloka Sudhakar.

Talk to her about fashion post two lockdowns and being amidst the third wave, she says, “All of us have to definitely adapt to changes, and the only thing that is constant is ‘change’. The pandemic has definitely made us switch to technology as much as possible, but bridal clothing is slightly lagging behind since bridal shopping needs the purchases to happen in-person to an extent. Every bride prefers to get the feel of the outfits before purchasing, and that has always been a part of the bride to go all out and look around, so this is one concern we have tackled in various ways where the designers talk directly to the brides over a video call, which makes them feel a lot more comfortable before purchasing virtually. Though this is one concern we still haven’t been able to address completely through technology, we are slowly getting there.”

On the other hand, buyers and brides now have a lot more knowledge about the fabric, embroidery types, and the basis to look out for a while shopping online, and this has definitely added to the increase in online sales to a great extent. I think overall, the last two years has seen a 300% increase in online sales for sure.

Talk to her about what it feels to be consistent in winning various awards in fashion and what it was like to have won the Karnataka Women Achiever’s Award 2021; she says, “I was definitely overwhelmed and elated for having received this award amongst various veterans who have been achievers in various professional fields. But listening to every veteran achievers stories, there is a lot for me to still achieve and accomplish in the years to come.

Looking forward at the Indian fashion and forecast for 2022. It definitely seems to be the year to take a rise after two years of slow progress. And this will definitely be a busy year for Indian designers and will be a year filled with colours for sure as well, with every fashion week going season-less.

Shloka says, “My collection has a mix of pastels and bright pop colours. I will be playing with the shades of the same colour palette. The embroidery and embellishments, too, are going to be colourful this time! My collection “eclipse” has the use of recycled suede that is appliquéd and embroidered on the lehengas and sarees as well”.

Now 2022 definitely looks like a year filled with colours, and Indian fashion designers are going to be at their busiest for sure!

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