Dropping out of school and college always considered as a bad decision in our society. The majority feels that education and a fancy college degree is the only way to success and happy stable life. There have been many examples in the past of people who are school/college dropouts and made it big in life. 
Shubham Kalosiya is one of those amazing examples who started from the bottom and made it big. Shubham who comes from an ordinary middle-class family and is a college dropout is the new sensation in the rap music industry. He is the founder of “Artist Mine Music” which supports and promotes the underground rappers.
However, this success didn’t come easy as there were a lot of difficulties that Shubham Kalosiya had to face to reach this level.
Basically residing from Rajasthan belonging from a simple family he never had any financial support from anyone. When Shubham was in the first year of college studying BA he made one of the brave and toughest choices of his life to quit the studies and work for his dream to be an entrepreneur.
Shubham Kalosiya got his first break when he was just 17 years old where he was an Artist event manager and from his journey started. He started working and event manager, organiser and found his way in the music industry. Shubham loved the show business and wanted to start his own music label which was a quite big dream to achieve as an individual.
A dream never becomes true unless you work for it and that’s what exactly Shubham Kalosiya did. Instead of thinking about the difficulties of his journey and getting demotivated he thought of the ways how he can do it and achieve his dream. His positive attitude towards life and with sheer hard work and dedication he finally made his dream true when he founded his own music company “Artist Mine Music”.
The Rap and Hip Hop culture in India has been in a rage from the past few years and has seen a lot of young talented artist like Emiway who raised from a very simple background. Shubham’s company Artist Mine Music search for these type of underground rappers and artist and promotes and support them.
Having seen the difficulties and struggle in his life Shubham Kalosiya wants to help other struggling artist and rappers in achieving their dreams by providing them with a platform and he also wishes to take Artist Mine Music on the international level.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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