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Shweta Kothari worked on her expertise and success knocked at her door

Shweta KothariShweta Kothari

“Our journey towards our goal is not straight, it is full of unpredictable situations but your belief and dedication determines whether it affects you or not”, shares Shweta Kothari about her experience about chasing her dreams. She started her career in her hometown Surat as a show stopper and her achievement of being awarded as Miss Fresher motivated her to polish her prowess in her career and she dedicated herself wholly to secure a place for herself in the industry.

Hope is that concrete which serves as a foundation to all our cherished objectives and it is the attitude of rising high above the horizons which makes a big difference. Having realized this success mantra, Shweta made sure that made appropriate use of all opportunities that crept in her path towards her aim and ensured that she put in her level best to seek the recognition that she yearned for since the beginning. Her hard work resulted in success, she won various titles over the years which include Mrs.India in 2018 awarded by Mugdha Godse, Mrs.India Universe 2019 (Runasio Company) awarded by Runa Karmakar, etc.

The recognition and accolades that she received for her efforts encouraged her to put in more effort to improve herself in every way possible. She was a jury member in Miss. Jamnagar in 2016, jury member in Gujarat Rising Star in 2018, jury member in India’s Superkids in session 2019, jury member in Mrs. Gujarat 2019 show.

Shweta adds, “While chasing what I have longed for since the very beginning, I concentrated on my goal and maneuvred my best efforts to prove my potential in whatever task I was assigned”. She is the founder and Managing Director of ‘Namoh Motion Pictures’ and also has her own YouTube channel for online content promotion and marketing. “Mahi Mera” is a song that is produced and is featured by her. She owes her success to her parents, her husband Mr.Gaurav Kothari and family and further adds that she aspires to explore all opportunities that come in her journey towards perfection and do her level best to accomplish it.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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