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Siddharth Shankar comments on the demise of the legendary singer LataJi

Siddharth Shankar comments on the demise of the legendary singer LataJiSiddharth Shankar comments on the demise of the legendary singer LataJi

Siddharth Shankar aka Sidvidrocks is a Singer, YouTuber, and Entrepreneur. He is the voice behind three national superhitsIshq Na Hove, BankeTera&Royega& the Founder & CEO of Shankar Films.

His YouTube channel has over 2.2 million subscribers and the videos have collectively amassed over 300 million views followed by his Facebook and Instagram accounts with 3 Million followers with some of his videos getting more than 100 Million views constantly.

A debate has been going on forever around the entire Bollywood and music industry about the kind of songs being produced nowadays. There are vouchers for both new Hindi music which is supposed to be cool, jazzy, full of beats and have funky lyrics, on the other hand, there are songs which have meaning, yes, exactly the songs sung by singers like Arijit Singh and Siddharth Shankar and today we talked with Siddharth himself on how the music industry has evolved over the years and also to his comments on the death of legendary singer Late Shri. LataMangeshkarJi.

Siddharth has always been a fan of classical music and during the early phase of his life, he was not able to afford professional music classes and had to learn everything on his own, however, like a true singer he thinks that he has to work a lot on his voice and sing classical Hindi music. We have all heard his winning our hearts with the guitar but Siddharth in his free time is also learning how to play the Harmonium and loves to do rias.

“We put our television set on mute when he is practising music to enjoy the soothing voice” mentioned when neighbouring on Siddharth’s voice.

Siddharth loves listening to classical Hindi music and is a big fan of singers like Mohd. Rafi Ji, LataMangeshkar, Udit Narayan &Jagjit Singh. Any passionate singer of today would strongly vouch for the fact that song’s of today have lost meaning and are more about the tunes, the bass and lyrics, but back then, the lyrics from these songs would win hearts, make people cry and forget their pain.

While talking about old songs Siddharth mentioned his sadness on LataJi’s demise and was super emotional. He commented, “ LataJi had MaaSaraswati in her throat, she was perfect, truly the nightingale of India. I still remember the time when she sang “Aae Mere WatanKe Logo” and made the whole nation cry with her voice. I feel truly grateful to be born in the same time as her and to share this world. I hope that one day if not in this life then in some other I get to meet her and talk to her about music”.

Siddharth has also sung classical old songs on his YouTube channel in various Music Reaction videos like Randomly Singing Old (Retro) Songs To Cute Girls Reaction Video with Twist | Siddharth Shankar, Randomly Singing Old Hit Songs MashUp Reaction Video | Siddharth

Shankar &Likhe Jo KhatTujheMashUpWithKhairiyat (Official Cover Song) | Siddharth Shankar.

Music truly has many forms and Old Hindi music is truly one of the best forms, for any upcoming singer who wants to be good at singing start from here. Start from songs like Lag Jaa Gale, LIkhejokhat today, start from songs that do not beat to make your feel something but truly fluid poetry of words that are sung together. It is all about separating nuisance from Music.

By TIS Staffer
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