Singer and Songwriter Tevan shares helpful tips for budding artists


It may take years for certain individuals to realize their dreams and make efforts towards them, while others may realize what their hearts seek at a very early age and start building their careers. Tevan did the same as soon as he realized he was inclined towards all things music. Having the innate skills and talents as a singer, rap artist and songwriter, Tevan thrived off of his talents to effortlessly transition between genres, which helped him create massive hit songs like “Anyway” and “Cloud 9” in 2019, followed by “SHOW GiRL” in 2020 and another track, which is expected to release later this year. 

Tevan, as one of the promising most UK music artists, has so far worked with some of the prominent names of the industry, who have even supported him with his work, leading him to gain more recognition across the industry. Since his teens and even today, Tevan splits his musical interests between his friends Caribbean dancehall music taste and his friends of African heritage Afrobeats/Afrowave tastes.

Today, he lays out a few general tips for budding musical artists who wish to succeed in the industry.

  • Get habituated to failure: Before thinking to gain success in the music industry, an artist must get habituated to failure, says Tevan. In fact, failure should be treated as one’s best friend, which people must be willing to welcome at any stage of their career. These failures teach the greatest lessons in life, which help people become their better versions.
  • Take it slow: Many aim to achieve success overnight, looking at the success stories of others. However, Tevan says in industries like music, which is already saturated, one cannot run behind success. It can only come to those who keep honing their skills and enhancing their knowledge with patience. Hence, he advises others to take it slow, learn through the process, and gradually grow as refined artists.
  • Enjoy the journey: It is as essential to celebrate the small victories as it is to learn from failures. All in all, artists must enjoy the journey and go with the flow, says Tevan. This will make them fall more in love with what they do.

Tevan wants to keep creating new music and has the desire to keep entertaining music lovers around the world albeit displaying his passion towards the art. To get in touch with him, follow him on Instagram @tevanofficial.

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