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Singer Gurdaat Gill Is Reaching Around Souls With The Power Of His Voice

Singer Gurdaat Gill Is Reaching Around Souls With The Power Of His Voice

Singing and singers emerge every now and then. The ones who know to survive to work through all ups and down, create a name. While the one who couldn’t, get hidden amidst those powerful names. Well, that is one part of the story, the other parts bring us across those names who hiding amidst names, find their light, work upon it and rise to make an impressive come up. They shine brighter and coming across them, they are not ignorable at all. One such singing star, sensation, light, comes out through the name of Gurdaat Gill. Singer, Lyricist, Composer, one after another and another, talents keep emerging and his name reached to the point where he was one among those happy souls who succeeded to start his own recording company and label with the name of “GURDAAT GILL MUSIC”. This seemed just to be a start as because his voice became one sensation by the release of some popular songs like Tiktokamor and Yeux which took over Itunes, Gaana, Wynk, Hungama, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Jio Saavan, Deezer and Kkbox. What to say about this 20-year-old sensation who completed his BA Psychology (H). Who might have thought that a serious psychology student can take over the world by his amazing voice covering all music apps and spreading a sensation over so many enjoying souls of time?

None. This is what Gurdaat answered when we asked him the same question. He further said, “I might be famous as Gurdaat in the field of music today but back then as Bachhitter Singh Gill, I was totally a different personality. I really did work upon a lot to raise myself and my work of art. I wanted to make sure that things go well. Worked late nights, ignored tiredness and I knew, I had to be one I was passionate about. Trust me or not, this Sikh family born little guy too a lot to get his name established in the Punjabi music field. I had so many competitors around but what I focused on was words which knew, my art form differs from all and if I know to make it a belief that I am a winner, I will definitely be a winner. Afterall for the world to trust your work, you first need to trust your idea.”

His words are truly not a word of charm, it does teach us a lot. For anyone who wanted to reach the heights of success does need to trust his idea and his work first. Gurdaat, a name which took over Punjabi Music has a lot to offer and one such upcoming work he is about to present is “Magician”. It’s a video song with the singer as Param Dhaliwal and the composer is Gurdaat himself. This music delicacy will be available on Gurdaat Gill music soon and then other music stores where the lovers of music can listen to it anytime. The digital partner associated with Gurdaat and his music label is KIXTIX MEDIA PVT.LTD.

Gurdaat has just made a start and his demand is outreached in such huge numbers. We can't even say how much the same would reach out in the mere future. Well, it's all the hard work that talks with him and his work that rose to the flourishing new level. The name he holds can be seen in the name of upcoming famous future artists, which would take away the music to one another level. Gurdaat is one amazing one out there who is not to get stuck but to rise and shine. He knows how to make a day beautiful with the art form he holds and his ideas click around for so many souls. He is one amazing love for many Punjabi song lovers and is all set to reach out to the words of all around the Nation. For what we know now, he is a great singer, composer, lyricist, motivator who believes in the strength of what one holds from starts, “Their talent”.

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