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Singer-Musician Omar Iben Chekroun talks about being an independent artist

Singer-Musician Omar Iben Chekroun talks about being an independent artist

For followers of the luxury lifestyle business, Omar Iben Chekroun is a familiar name. The 32-year-old Moroccan youngster, who hit the top spots in the world of business with his determination and grit is all set to hit the right notes in the musical world as well.

Music has been a childhood passion for Omar. It was something that was an integral part of his upbringing. He was exposed to the songs of legendary artists, singers and musicians from all over the country. These songs inspired Omar to pick up singing. The child Omar also learnt to play several different instruments all by himself.

Reminiscing about his journey and his emotional connect with music, Omar Iben Chekroun shares, "Music played a key role in my upbringing. I grew up listening to different songs in various languages. I believe songs express emotions we which fail to speak to people. They take us to a journey or in the world where everything seems vulnerable yet peaceful."

The ever-responsible Omar focused on building a stable and prosperous career in the luxury industry. Once he had established his mettle in the field, and made a name for himself in California, he decided to indulge in his passion for singing and music. The hard-working youngster wrote lyrics during his leisure time and also set them to music. After getting compliments and positive feedback from friends, family and acquaintances, Omar feels confident to share them with a larger audience.

Omar is certain that connoisseurs of classical music with a rock influence will appreciate his songs. He is especially fond of his tracks 'Broken Heart', 'Lonely Knight' and 'Heart Crumble'.

Considering songs replace words for people that can't say them, Omar says, "Music makes me happy and soothes my mind and I thought why not give my another passion a chance? I am quite hopeful that people will enjoy my journey as a musician-singer too."

When asked about his future plans with respect to his career in music, Omar is a firm believer in the power of social media. "In today's digitally connected world, social media is a tool strong enough for your work to reach people. There are many platforms that allow independent artists to share their work. I am also going to do the same. If your work is good, it will definitely be appreciated," insists the young musician.

Omar plans to make his work official in the near future and keep a steady pace of songs to entertain people with.

Here's wishing this talented young man as much success in the world of music as he has achieved in the world of business!

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