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Singer Paras Thakral All Set to Rock the Musical World

Singer Paras Thakral All Set to Rock the Musical World

Most of us are probably familiar with the name Paras Thakral as an internet sensation and Youtuber. From his entertaining vlogs to his informative fitness videos, he is loved by millions of people in our country because of his unique content on Youtube. But now Paras has given his fans one more reason to love him and that is his music. He is the new addition to the world of music with his new debut song sung by himself "Self Made'. His latest single that he released on his Youtube channel has already crossed more than 4 million views and is still going strong. This has become one of the fastest songs by a debut Youtube singer to gain this much view and exposure and love from the fans.

With such a raging fan following and support Paras Thakral is all set to now extend his legacy from Youtube to also rule the music industry. Being popular for one thing is normal but when someone is famous for their multiple talents in multiple fields of work it is an extraordinary thing. While most of us struggle to master just one skill, the YouTuber has mastered many craft which is all now paying him well.

The fact still amazes everyone that how he was once just an ordinary salesman who just had a dream in his eyes and a belief to succeed. Today his belief has proven to be true as he has now become one of the most popular and loved YouTuber and now a singer of India. Paras Thakral with his new venture of singing is looking very promising. For a newcomer with just one song released he has done a tremendous job and looks like a professional with years of experience. The performance of his first song has proved that he is here to rock and rule the music industry for a long-long time with his voice.

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