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Singer Shekeb Osmani: An Award Winning Afghan Singer, Musician, and Composer is a Sensation in Traditional and Contemporary Music

Singer Shekeb Osmani: An Award Winning Afghan Singer, Musician, and Composer is a Sensation in Traditional and Contemporary Music

Shekeb Osmani is not just a name but a brand when it comes to singing in Canada. He hails from Afghanistan but shifted to Toronto, Canada when he was a toddler. At the age of seven, music came in his way and he started playing with a keyboard to get an edge on it. When he was nine he was seen singing in a concert of Afghan community and he was impressed with his incredible singing at such a tender age. Soon the FM company -Voice of Afghanistan Radio program based in Toronto requested the young boy to sing the song - Taa Yak Nafar Afghan Ast, Zinda Afghanistan Ast. 
It created a sensation and he soon understood he has to make his career in the field of music only. Hence decided to explore the various forms of music. He approached different music teachers from Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and other places to learn different forms of music. This made him a versatile singer and in his teenage, he was able to record his first demo album called Intizaar” and that too at Ariana Music Studios with musicians like Wali Ashparie in Virginia, USA. He gained his success and thus he got busy in exploring music and getting an edge on it.

He is a master in different forms of music and is able to connect to the modern and traditional music thus coming up with a good blend of East and West in his musical work. In 2001, he was able to come out with his first music studio called Tri Star Recording Studio and by  2007 he was able to establish his brand by forming another company Saaz Studios. He kept on getting chances to work with different musicians all across the world which was a learning experience for him thus expanding his horizon and helped him to further broaden his musical spectrum.

Some of his musical ventures include “Yaar e Jaani” the hit videos of“Tabasom”shot in Sydney, “Yakdaana Gul” shot in Los Angeles, video"Darya" shot in an island in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida, and so on. He also dedicated one song Ashiqui for Cancer patients. It was brought out by collaborating with talented artists, Qais Ulfat & Ghezaal. It was made in Bombay, India. One of his interesting work include "I Love You" video, which happens to be a rendition of several classic western ballads that are blended in a single song. Most of his songs bagged the best song awards at international award platforms like ATN Awards Hamburg, Germany, AATV Awards Frankfurt, Germany and many more. 

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