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Snappy beats open up about his passion for music

Snappy beats open up about his passion for music

Snappy beats aka Prateek Kumar started off his career in 2016. From the very beginning, he was mesmerized about music, according to him – “Music is that fine line between the notes that awakens your soul and pulls the strings of your heart in ways that you can’t even decipher. It connects people when words fall short of emotions.” His perspective towards music motivated him to spend all day in making melodious tunes and his hard work resulted in an enormous success of his debut song – “Akay’s Jordan”. He has worked on a lot of projects after that, they are – Backyard by Gurj Sidhu, VIgad Gaya by Gippy Grewal,  Jatt da Mukabla by Sidhu Moosewala, Fuel by Gippy Grewal, Full album of DIljit Dosanjh – Confidential, I’m better now by Sidhu Moosewala, Surma Kala by Jassi Gill, Viah by Jass Manak, etc.

Ever since then, his music career has been a roller coaster ride but he made sure that he didn’t let the intrusions stand in the path of his target. While talking about his inspiration to dive in this music career he says that he was inspired by AR Rahman and Dr. Dre. Music is a world within itself, it has a language that we all can understand. Knowing this charismatic aspect of music, encouraged him to establish his career in music.

Right now, he is working on his first music producer album by collaborating with lot of talented and fresh musical artists. He aims to represent Punjabi music on an International platform by working with International artists. He further adds that music carries an aura of teaching you things in its own way, working on music helps us to discover new things that we never even thought about. He hopes to replenish his knowledge by working on music and endeavors to achieve his goal of being a well-established music artist.

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