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Sneak peak into the exhilarating journey of Nikhil Moolchandani and the stellar sanitary store LifetimeBath

Sneak peak into the exhilarating journey of Nikhil Moolchandani and the stellar sanitary store LifetimeBath

'All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them', a staunch believer of the aforementioned quote who was adamant to turn his vision into a glaring reality set out to give a new dimension to his family business by curating the current India's most celebrated one of a kind sanitaryware store on instagram.

With a roaring follower base of his jaw dropping IGstore called Lifetimebath, Nikhil Moolchandani has transformed the perception of Indians on sanitaryware and is propelled to drive this streak across the globe.

Being someone who was a passionate seller from his school days in Jaipur, Nikhil used to sell maps / pens and pencils in the school simply because of his love for the art of multiplication and selling being in his genes.

Nikhil always had an entrepreneurial bent of mind and was driven to drive more sales for his family business, when his friends laughed at the idea of beginning an instagram store on sanitaryware, Nikhil became more committed to materialising his vision and today his businesses is acquiring the most traction from his massively followed instagram page.

Believer of the power of dreams, hardwork and patience, Nikhil has enabled the multiplication of revenue for his family business and is aiming to build his own luxury sanitaryware firm that will cater to clients across the globe.

" I certainly believe that the current market situation isn't appropriate for us building material dealers. After demonetisation, people started seeing a drastic change in our industry and then GST came that shook the dealers even more due to which the demand of luxury Sanitaryware went down. But I firmly believe if someone wants to sell, he/she will find a way.

The dexterity and innovation of Nikhil is evident from the fact that he has generated leads for his business through instagram across the country with deliveries happening in all corners in India.

Other than the breathtakingly enchanting bathroom fittings and styles, the USP of Lifetime Bath is that they renovate entire washrooms, which implies that they walk with the clients through the entire procedure of  breaking the bathroom, plumbing and transforming it with the most bespoke fittings and furnishings that speak of luxury with style.

Nikhil has always stressed the importance of listening to customer needs and apprehensions patiently. What they get is a thoughtful and fulfilling washroom to begin their day with positivity and satisfaction.

Driven by the mission to brighten up the day of individuals with bathrooms that suite their energies, Nikhil Moolchandani has been hailed for his insightfulness in carving a place where one's most enabling ideas get birth.

On being asked about his biggest advice for young entrepreneurs/new start-ups, Nikhil says,"One thing that I would like to honestly share with future entrepreneurs is to first be honest with your consumers and viewers, honesty will bring you more converting leads than anything else. Secondly, it is important to put out more content of what's happening with you at work, just try to be patient while doing this because great things don't happen overnight, it might take longer but if you focus more on providing value and not minding the likes or comments, you are slowly building your digital empire"

"The biggest teaching that I wish to share is that whatever you want to do in life, simply do it with your own money. If you earn be responsible and sensible, save first, spend later. This doesn't imply that you shouldn't enjoy or party or buy your favourite bag but it means that one must do everything with their own money and not with your parents hard earned cash", adds Nikhil Moolchandani.

In a nutshell, Nikhil is exemplary of forseeing dreams that he can materialize with strong determination, willpower and leaning to make a difference in the masses.

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