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Social Entrepreneur, Anusha Naidu sets the sky soaring with her NGO Anokhein Foundation

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need not wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’. The aforementioned…

Social Entrepreneur, Anusha Naidu  sets the sky soaring with her NGO Anokhein Foundation

‘How wonderful it is that nobody need not wait a single moment before starting to improve the world’. The aforementioned quote by the young social reformer Anne Frank speaks volumes of the initiative any individual can take to bring a change without caring about their age, gender, background or any other factor. Walking on similar lines is the journey of Anusha Naidu .

At the nascent age of 21, Anusha Naidu  is not only the founder of one-of-a-kind foundation but is also a fearless woman herself who has pushed all her boundaries along with her single mother to never give up to be the best versions of themselves.

Currently pursuing an MBA in Pune, AnushaÂs life has never been easy. The mother daughter duo faced unprecedented challenges. She was in the 2nd standard, when she lost her father and within a year of the burgeoning loss, she lost her elder brother too. Certainly, it is said that god only gives difficulties to those who can sustain them. All these setbacks made the duo stronger and more bold to face any tumultuous times in life.

The struggle ahead for them was to lead their entire lives with dignity. Anusha recalls that society was not always kind and that made them more strong and made her believe that the power of a woman is infinite. Her mother single handedly gave her the insights to see the world with both empathy and boldness. She gave her the required knowledge to understand when a woman should turn into Durga and when she should turn into Kali. This paved the way for her to help girls and womens as their protective shield.

Anusha Naidu  was propelled to always encourage young women to have their own voice and their own choice. Believer of the quote that ‘age is just a number’, she never wanted her age to be a barrier to start her own non-profit organisation. She took the plunge and leaped forward with her visionary NGO called Anokhein Foundation, a self funded non profit organisation to raise the awareness of women health and hygiene and their empowerment in a robust way.

Her biggest inspiration has been her dedicated mother. Seeing her being a single parent and raising a single girl child made her believe the indomitable power of being a  woman.

Always driven to empower women about sanitation and their rights, Anusha stresses on the fact that the Indian fraternity is still not prioritising womenÂs health and hygiene and their opinion is not deemed worthy. She feels that we are still bound in the myths and taboos of society about menstrual hygiene.

She also champions the fact that no NGO is a competition to another because she believes that the more NGO’s work towards social causes, the better it will be for the overall well-being of our country.

Her noteworthy NGO is driven by the vision of making women aware of the importance of their health and hygiene and regarding their self worth and pacing forth like a titan.

Anusha NaiduÂs mission with Anokhein Foundation is to raise awareness of womenÂs health and hygiene, they are also focused to normalise the discussion on menstrual cycle and sanitary napkins by empowering women to have the required education about their strengths and competencies.

Raised in a town at Bilaspur in Chhattisgarh, she has always been academically excellent and was amongst the toppers in high school, post which she moved to Pune for her higher studies. Having completed her graduation in BBA(IB) and pursuing an MBA from Sinhgad Business School Pune, the passionate dynamic entrepreneur has also aced over 10 Certification courses. Relentlessly striving to be a learner, Anusha proclaims that there is no limitation in gaining knowledge and wanting to be a learner.

The entrepreneur also conducts live sessions with experts and interacts with them about the required steps that can be taken towards their noble cause which she calls as a reward to herself and her dreams.  

A budding leader who believes in self-empowerment and the empowerment of those around her, she has received accolades for her courage and grit with which she has led her entrepreneurial journey. She asserts that she will always be ready to learn and explore while serving the nation in different sectors. “You are never too young or old to initiate your vision, take the risk and learn from it. Always remember that there is a lot to explore and little to lose”, says Anusha Naidu.

Leading such a notable organization on one’s own does call for recurring funds but the young founder is risking it all on her own shoulders. On the question of raising any funding for her organization, the founder reiterates that Anokhein Foundation is a self funded organisation and it will always serve the society to lift the women up.

Certainly, with her foresighted and dedicated mission, Anusha Naidu is taking giant strides to empower women by setting an example of herself and is on the road towards a future where no female has to bear the brunt of social stigmatization while leading a healthy, free and dignified life.