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Social entrepreneur Himanshu Jain : Brings revolution in educational industry

Himanshu Jain

Himanshu Jain, a keynote Speaker & Indian stoic philosopher who transforming people’s life by teaching art of living by Krishna of 21st century. Turn Co-Founder of New Leaf Era exceptionally changing definition of Edtech start-ups and Indian educational industry. Where top Ed-tech startup building online educational platforms, an exceptional startup with zero angel funding collaborates with 100 Plus Educational Institute, Schools & Colleges to upgrade their education system. Reasons behind exceptional growth are company focus towards providing values to the life of student & teaching transformational knowledge with ancient wisdom that is missing in educational system. And upgrading educational institute with the help of artificial intelligence administration system they developed. Where other Edtech startups becoming liability to educational institute they are helping them in reducing cost up to fifty percent in a year and creating revolutionary impact in the society.

Co-founder says, As a company “our mission is to have a revolution in India by bringing transformational knowledge & innovation to every educational institute in India by 2025” and helps them to bounce back from Covid pandemic. We believe educational institutes are providing best educational services to students. But it is a hardship of our education system that focus is towards academic education rather than developing kids to their optimized values that help them become a successful person in life. 90% of Ed-tech startups are doing the same thing by taking it online rather than adding values.

Currently, The Indian education market size is $180 billion, out of which 52% belongs to Government and Private schools. Rather than competing with sharks of Indian educational industry like Byju, Vadantu & Toppr on acquiring students for selling course. We focus on developing products that help student to purposeful living & holistic lifestyle that creates long-term positive impact on student’s life.100 plus Educational institute has already transformed with the help of Innovation and Artificial intelligence management system we developed that providing groundbreaking cost efficiency to schools and they expected to grow 3x this year and planning to expand globally next year.

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By TIS Staffer
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