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Social Media Influencer Abhinav Delkar Is A keeper of what he received as a silver spoon

The quote, “Born with a silver spoon”, is a half-truth. It’s what we hear and not what our eyes see. Because it isn’t easy. Even with a silver spoon, we need to know we don’t drop it. We need to keep up with the upcoming opportunities and it takes a lot to be a successor of one’s who handed over us the spoon. Mr Abhinav Delkar is one such successor who took over his family’s old tradition in 2011 and entered the world of politics. But this is what we think, for him, he entered the world of politics even before he knew he was going to take over the family tradition. He learnt from the field of cricket and football. He learnt from college and school life. He stepped up in every field and grew up with what was presented but wait, he noticed everything around. This learning he received from real-life experiences made him win the hearts of the youth and become the active and popular leader of Dadra & Nagar Haveli. He was so appreciated for his works that the crowd cheered him with the throne of Youth Congress President of the Union Territory. Youngest among all, insight for the far lost, he made every move to give a better life and to see what others ignore. His agendas were the reason which made him being recognized over that national level which politicians take years to get to. Not only this, he became an active participant in programs and organized sports and awareness camps in those interior parts of the country where our leaders have no insight to.

Mr Abhinav, he is one among those leaders who are not there to lead but is out there to make every single youth realise, “We all have the power to lead our life. No leader, no followers, no politicians, none will be helpful if we are unaware of the fact, where we want our journey to begin and move along the path of success”. He says, “I might be called as the Youth leader of Dadra & Nagar Haveli but trust me, I am one single person like everyone. I just know that opportunities are what we wait for and this is where everyone lack. I will be happier when instead of getting titles as such, I will start receiving and seeing people around who are happy, successful and know where they are going. This is what my aim is, this is what I aspire for and this, this is where every political leader must look for”.

Abhinav’s school and college life has been great learning but apart from same, what became his school was his late grandfather Shri Sanjibhai Delkar, the first nominated member of the Parliament of Dadra & Haveli after independence. His stories, his life, whatever he heard around, whatever people still remember him for, this became the learning of this young heart at the age of 29.

He says, “I undertake any campaign only when I believe in it. The winning of Panchayat elections in 2015 with such huge margin, the active role-playing in 2019’s campaign where my father, Mr Mohanbhai Sanjibhai Delkar, contested for elections. It was because of all our hard work and the promises that have been kept along which made the active youth in the territory come together and be a part of the success where Mr Mohanbhai, my father won the elections for the 7th time as an independent candidate of Lok Sabha. Now, I could have never been a part of the same, just to say, but I knew and I saw what effects were brought in and what changes can come along. This is what became the one reason I became an active participant of this change-making the election and assure people that what we do, is going to be one best part of what they have seen under someone else reign.”

Well, that was brave. It was really brave and for sure he is one such idle person who keeps words for what he says. He has been doing that for long and just like every achievement since his young age where he was selected in the Gujarat State team, (Under 19 & 22) he will keep achieving heights for what we call a better future for us the citizens. 

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