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Song “Breathe” Is A Good Mix Of English and Desi Vibes Says Sofia Chaudry

Sofia Chaudry is back with her latest song called breathe. It’s also fresh sounding and has a good mix of English and Desi vibes. The music video is shot in India which makes it even more special. The video was released on her YouTube channel on February 2 and it has registered 1,025,043 views so far.

Sofia Chaudry is a Dutch-Pakistani singer and songwriter based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and she made her debut in Indian music industry with Bohemia’s song ‘Thinking about you’. Talking about working with the Punjabi rapper, she said that she is glad to be trained under him.

Singer Sofia Chaudry says that she was tensed when she met Punjabi rapper Bohemia for the first time that she was sweaty and nervous to make eye contact with the latter.

The singer said, “While there is no feeling better than living your dream, it isn’t easy. It seemed unreal and unbelievable when I saw the heartthrob Punjabi rapper Bohemia with whom I was supposed to shoot my debut song “Thinking about you”. I was sweaty and nervous, I couldn’t even make eye contact with him in fact I didn’t even say a word to him throughout the shoot and couldn’t bring myself to even tell him goodbye.”

Sofia Chaudry added, “However, Bohemia is such a humble person and a mentor that everyone wishes to have. I am glad that I got an opportunity to debut with him. This is something I will cherish all my life, my debut couldn’t have been better. Well if that was a story of my debut, the second was no less than an adventure.”

For the first time, Sofia Chaudry travelled to India to shoot for ‘Thinking about you’. Talking about her visit, she said, “While I thought my debut made me nervous, travelling to India had me panicking as it was my first time travelling here. It all happened so fast that it was all done at the last minute, even I visiting India was last minute decision.”

Sofia Chaudry added, “But once I landed in this beautiful land of culture, tradition, all my fears were gone. My team in India made me feel home as I ‘Breathe’. I am sure there is going to be a lot of such stories because I am not going to let anything come in the way of my dream. I am going to live my dream.”

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