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Soon Movie To Be Made On Indian Immigrant By Debutant Bollywood Producer David Ferguson

Soon Movie To Be Made On Indian Immigrant By Debutant Bollywood Producer David Ferguson

David is one of those ambitious personalities who perform every task wholeheartedly and has left a positive mark on every business he has stepped into. After completing the Masters of Business Administration (MBA), he is planning to learn about analytics from Harvard Business School. Succeeding ahead in life, he is entering into the Bollywood industry by producing a movie with renowned celebrities. Within a short period, he will be disclosing the names of the popular actors which will be involved in the movie. Also, David is a self-determining personality who is passionate about several fields; likewise, he will be the producer as well as director of this movie.

He is of the view that this new project gives him positive vibes and he becomes even more determined because the script of this movie is close to his heart. Also, he indulged in writing this story after a real-life experience as he has witnessed the life incident of one of his Indian friends. Moreover, he affirms this story is considered as a powerful tool and will inspire the masses worldwide.

Considering the story, it will be based on the hardship and challenges he faced. Apart from this, this movie will focus on an Indian man who has experienced terrible situations in life and assert that lack of money is the root of all evil; likewise, lack of funds made him perform illegal means of entering into another nation. Also, this movie will reveal his struggles and success factors which assisted him in becoming a successful individual on foreign land. Besides this, details about the movie are not yet revealed by the producer but it will be shot in Mumbai and Los Angeles, California. Also, it is anticipated that the movie will come in the initial months of 2020.

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