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Sromona alleviates suffering of people through her humanitarian approach

Getting up and doing something is the best way to avoid feeling hopeless. Waiting for good things to happen is…

Sromona alleviates suffering of people through her humanitarian approach

Getting up and doing something is the best way to avoid feeling hopeless. Waiting for good things to happen is a loss of time so instead of doing that, fill the world and yourself with hope. So one must go out and make good things happen as soon as possible. Working towards the same, She has been constantly working for the development of the people by reaching the remote areas of the country.

The journey of Sromona started when she believed that helping others comes from within rather than from being exposed to other people’s grief. However, some people are born with this trait, while others feel driven to look away from other people’s suffering when they observe it.

An architect by profession, she has done freelancing for the past six years and now plans to explore some other field of her interest. Also having a keen interest in art therapy she has started taking classes from Udemy, post completion of the course her plan is to enter an MBA program in Marketing which will strengthen her career path and help her envisage & have a master- plan for herself.

Helping out people from a very young age she began social work by helping her uncleÂs NGO named Liluah Nivedita Sangha, North Howrah, which is widely known to people for their tremendous work throughout the year. But her direct involvement began in the last few years and within no time she gathered a group of people divided into multiple help groups to reach out to different needs and areas of tangible and intangible requirements.

Talking about the feeling, Sromona said, Â I believe, those who honestly like to help less fortunate, help others anyways and not for anything in return or fame or money. When I started my individual activities years back, never felt like the works need highlights or to put the same in social media. But this year, when the entire nation has been going through a grim time, from the beginning of March due to the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, there was no other option to reach out to people except the social platforms. Also, what I felt was, using the social platform has helped many others to come forward and encouraged them to start their own help groups.Â

Last year, during the first outbreak of COVID-19, she and her husband Sayan volunteered to aid as many people as they could in Delhi, beginning with the neighbourhood where they lived. They attempted to assist migrant workers with food and drink and extended our hands to a few NGOs, working with Smile Foundation in New Delhi. They sought to assist them financially this year because they were physically stranded in Kolkata owing to the closure.

After the second wave of COVID-19, West Bengal was hit by a national calamity known as the YAAS Cyclone (similar to the ÂAmphan’ cyclone last year), which inundated numerous villages in rural Bengal, leaving no dwellings or agricultural areas behind.

After contacting a local volunteer from a certain zone, they formed a team and established a relief camp with a variety of foods, medicines, and other necessities. During the COVID wave, they were all awake for the last two to three months, helping and providing aid/help to asylum seekers. Their phones continued to ring at all hours of the day and night, and they only managed to sleep for one or two hours per day on an alternate route between us.

Managing multiple tasks at once is time-consuming and needs patience, but if you are truly passionate or determined, it is simple to keep going for the long haul. However, how we manage ourselves, our method of work, and our systems all play a role.

Due to her constant hard work to help people and make her own identity since 2018, she has been awarded: ÂLead Boutique Store from her own production house Studio FIVE, Kolkata in 2019- by Prestigious Team IIBA Bangalore.

ÂLead Women Entrepreneur NITI, 2020Â and was recognized by CAT publications like ZEE News, ANI, Yahoo News, New Delhi Times, Business Standard, Pashimbanga Khobor, Punjab LIVE, MP Chronicle, Maharashtra Barta and to name a few.

ÂLead Women Business personal, from New Delhi, in 2020Â Â by IIBA, BrandVoltz Production.

ÂREMARKABLE WOMEN AWARDS, Jaipur in 2021 to be the owner of women photographer in the category of BnW Nature Photography, from New Delhi.Â

Passion is essential, but keeping the ball rolling and spreading our wings demands a disciplined approach and adequate planning. But, at the end of the day, it all comes down to one simple question: whether putting a smile on a stranger’s face is enough to motivate you to get up every morning and do it all over again. This thing keeps Soromona motivated to work for their welfare.

We are obliged and happy to be able to publish her journey and achievements.

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