South Korea’s BeNative To Embark On Digital Initiative In India

NEW DELHI: BeNative has embarked on a very vital initiative to empower the youth of today and developing societies. They aim to provide today’s educated generation a rightful place in the emerging global sectors. After having successfully assisted leading MNCs and corporates in South Korea, the company plans to make its foray into the Indian market equipped with a digital initiative to up-skill youth in Business/Corporate Communication.
“BeNative is in touch with a number of innovative Indian institutes and universities to help them provide their students a platform to enrich their business/technical English and Chinese so that they can express themselves more effectively in the global markets,” says BeNative’s Director Shruti Kaul, who hails from India and is now settled in South Korea. She is leading BeNative’s foray in India and was recently in India to explore possibilities of expanding her company’s exposure in India.
“South Asian countries, particularly India, is ready to take a more meaningful position in the global markets when it comes to education and training in communication skills. We have taken up this responsibility with the objective of bridging further communication constraints to make world a truly global village. We train workforce to improve and sharpen their communication skills, particularly in their specialised fields, to enable them express forcefully and more effectively,” Ms. Kaul adds.
BeNative has partnered with Ashoka University to understand the needs of today’s youth and find a proper balance between the products currently being offered and what needs to be improved and added to cater to the local market. “We see a vast yet diverse market in India and would like to play a pivotal role in the ongoing skill India movement. We plan to have many such engaging events and partner with universities and related government organizations to provide a platform for today’s digitalized youth in both rural and urban India so that they can be champions in their own fields in the language that the world speaks,” says Ms. Kaul.
BeNative CEO Alan Moonsoo Kim, whose first company Etoos was sold for $30 million, has been working in the online education industry since its inception over 15 years ago. “We believe that any student, if given the right kind of inspiration, learning path and sufficient exposure to the opportunities available, will certainly be able to realize his/her potential. Our mission is to provide such inspiration, learning and exposure to millions of students by closing the gap between their skills and industry needs,” says Mr. Kim.
More than 2000 companies and universities in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan use BeNative tools to improve their employees’ and students language skills in both English and Chinese. BeNative has already established itself as a leader in corporate education in Asia. Its premium service, BeNative Pro, is currently used by major companies including Samsung, LG, and IBM for employees learning English and Chinese. It has won several awards around Asia and the Americas.? It has been nominated as one of 2016’s top innovative companies by the Edison Awards.
BeNative creates their unique content material by interviewing business people, including CEOs and other top-level executives. Some of their current interviews include employees of major companies such as General Motors, IBM, Paypal, 3M, and Harvard Business School. In addition to that, BeNative also has in-house videos to teach and explain certain other essential business etiquette required to be successful in the business world.
BeNative teaches: Native English from native speakers. Most commonly used phrases and vocabulary in the business world. Most modern expressions and idioms used in the business world. English for business situations. English for business travelling.

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