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SPACE-E-FIC Incorporates State-of-the-Art Technology to Make Next-gen Space Ready


Space Science is one of the multidisciplinary domains closely associated with basic sciences and their applications. It is a sector with a high R&D output and is expected to grow into a trillion dollars segment in the coming years, generating wide job opportunities in the field. But in India, the majority of schools provide minimal to no exposure to modern astronomy and Space sciences mainly due to the limited access to experts and resources. Aspiring to bridge this gap, Space-e-fic is a startup focused on making the next-generation space-ready by incorporating state-of-the-art technology so that students are ready to tackle more complex challenges in this field. 

It is essentially an online learning platform for all ages developed by a team of educationists, science communicators and astronomers depicting innovation, passion and total commitment to spreading knowledge of astronomy and space sciences to the public. Implementing astronomy and space science curriculum in the Indian education system, every project in Space-e-fic is an opportunity for children to be part of an intelligent and analytical global community. They have successfully developed a variety of astronomy and space science educational content through astronomy projects, virtual sessions, tutorials and course modules, nurturing the space-Ed needs of enthusiastic young minds across India.

An IIT incubated startup, Space-e-fic was founded by Agniva and Akash who hold deep expertise and in-depth knowledge in the domain. Launched just a few months ago, the startup has already served more than 10,000 students from all over India and engaged more than 20 experts from ISRO, IIT’s and other premier research institutions.

Speaking about their venture, Agniva said, “With the rapid change in industry and job opportunities in modern society, the same subjects which have been taught to students for over 50 years will not work anymore. New subjects with a more practical approach and having relevant industry exposure should be available to the students. And honestly, they deserve it!”

Sticking to a STEM-based curriculum, here you will not only learn how a rocket flies but also how to build one with significant payload capacity through various engaging activities. The courses offered are designed to enrich your knowledge and provide you with a practical learning experience of Astronomy, Cosmology and Rocket science, all at your convenience! They additionally offer exciting discounts to ensure affordable learning for students with financial constraints so that they can utilize their hidden potential and shape their future towards a more ‘space-e-fic’ career. This is in line with their philosophy– “Space-Ed for all!”

Achieving immense success and satisfaction across 20 plus states, the brand has successfully established itself as a leading platform in the domain. The team takes pride in fueling the curiosity of young minds and space enthusiasts by having a technologically skilled approach towards space science and astronomy.

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