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Split AC vs Window AC: Which to buy this summer?

Which air conditioner should you buy, Split or Window? People still ask this question when they want to buy an…

Split AC vs Window AC: Which to buy this summer?

Which air conditioner should you buy, Split or Window? People still ask this question when they want to buy an air conditioner for their home. And to tell the truth, there is no one fit answer to all, as everything depends on your needs.

There are several aspects to consider while buying an AC. While most of us prefer to buy a split air conditioner as they are more modern, have unique designs, and are more energy-saving, many people prefer to buy a window AC. 

So which one should you buy? Let’s deep dive into this article to find out more about the pros and cons, features, and performance. 

Window AC

The window air conditioners are placed on a wall, and you can use them for small rooms with a window. Their price and maintenance services are affordable. And they come in a single unit, one facing the room and the other outdoors. 

So if you want to have low-cost and quick air conditioning in your small space, Window Air conditioners can be your best choice. But make sure to consider its limitations too.

Split AC

Split air conditioners are similar to the window ones as they offer the same single-space cooling system. This air conditioner comes in two parts: the heating unit for indoor and a condenser for outdoors. And they must be connected by refrigerant line sets made of copper tubes. 

In case you want to cool down different areas, you need to have separate head units installed in each zone. One of the best advantages the split AC has is the opportunity to set different temperatures in each area. They are also great for cooling open space areas or homes with few rooms, which have no doors. With this, you allow the cool air to flow through the rooms and cool down the temperature. 

Sizes and maintenance 

Window AC is ideal for small apartments as it takes the heat from the room and pulls outside, keeping only the cooled air. But it cannot cool the other rooms through doors or walls. If you are looking for cooling more spacious areas, you should consider whether to get an entire AC system or several window air conditioners. They are also compact, and you can find a window AC that perfectly fits your window thanks to its size range.

The split ACs on the other hand, are more powerful and have higher capacity. Although they deliver high-efficiency and save you energy in the long run, they also come with higher costs and space requirements. The sizes of a split AC can differ depending on the brand. But usually, the larger and heavier component is the one for the outdoor. Different manufacturers provide different outdoor ACs that considerably vary in size. The indoor unit usually has the same size for all manufacturers.

As for maintenance, split ACs need regular care so that it performs optimally.


The best advantage of the window air conditioner is that they have an easy installation system. As it is a single unit, a window air conditioner is easier to install.

The split air conditioners have complex systems, so it is recommended to have a licensed mechanic for its placement. In case you install your AC poorly, it will cause low performance and system failure ahead of time. The installation cost of a split AC is higher than that of a window AC.


When it comes to noise, the window air conditioners produce a lot of noise while working.

The split air conditioners operate with much lower noise, allowing you to have it on for hours without any distractions. 

Energy consumption

When you compare split ACs and Window Acs of same energy rating, you find the former is more energy-efficient and hence, consumes lesser energy.


Pricewise, window ACs are much affordable than the split ones. Hence, if you are looking for an AC for a smaller space, it is reasonable to consider the window AC. 

The split air conditioners are more expensive. However, if you are looking for an efficient AC, the split one can provide you with more choices. 


If you are looking for an inexpensive cooling system that will help you get cool air to your small area, don’t need a modern-looking and high maintenance system, then a window air conditioner is your option. It has a lower upfront cost, doesn’t require super expensive maintenance and can be installed easily. But on the other hand, they don’t cool down large areas, is noisy and not that energy efficient.

The split air conditioners are at a relatively higher price range and need regular maintenance. You can’t install it without an expert, and you need to check its condition from time to time. But they are ideal for larger spaces and have a higher persistence level even when working 10+ hours a day. Moreover, they come in various designs and colours, so it is more fun to decorate your room. 

Both air conditioners have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should choose the one that meets your requirements. Another significant role that plays in this is the budget that you have. So make sure to consider all the facts to get the best option for you.

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