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Sports Nutritionist Dr. Arjun Reddy emerges as a health and fitness influencer

Dr. Arjun Reddy

Gaining tremendous popularity through his Instagram page “eathealthywitharjun,” Dr Arjun Reddy shares valuable insights on importance of fitness and living a healthy lifestyle.

With great advents and advancements happening in every nook and corner of technology and other sectors, people have come a long way adapting to newer methods. The current golden era of generation have been blessed with huge digital transformation taking place and inadvertently has become an integral part of our lives. Also adding more fuel and fire to the uprising of the digital world has been the global pandemic era where every person and firm have found ways to work from home and carry out majorly all necessary activities over the web.

Whether it is shopping or working or going to the gym virtually, all of these found a possibility with people across the globe confined to their homes. Health and fitness too as a niche segment has gained much momentum in recent times with people realizing the importance of staying fit and remaining healthy in the times of the pandemic. Today we have found many fitness centers gaining tremendous momentum on umpteen number of online platforms and training people. They have been instrumental in imparting the right knowledge and spreading awareness about importance of health and fitness in one’s life. We came across one such astute professional shredding his knowledge and deep insights on health, fitness, and dietary nutrients is Dr Arjun Reddy.

Hailing from Andhra Pradesh, Dr Arjun Reddy is a consultant family physician and also a level 1 certified sports nutritionist. Having completed his MMBS from Kurnool Medical College and his Post Graduation in DNB Family Medicine from Lourdes Hospital, Kochi, Kerala, Dr Arjun got inclined towards maintaining a good physique for himself and realised the importance of being fit as he was quite overweight at that time. In a year’s time, Dr Arjun lost 22 kgs and instantly became a well-known name among close circles of friends and family. The word spread like fire and in coming months there were thousands of people approaching him to get more details and info on how to reduce weight and develop a good structure. With deep knowledge that he learned over the months for specific diet, nutrients, exercises and much more, Dr Arjun propelled himself into a hugely popular fitness icon and influencer across many social media platforms.

Dr Arjun then started his Instagram page “eathealthywitharjun” which shared many valuable information and insights on maintaining healthy lifestyle, good eating habits, incorporating dietary and nutritional supply of foods in our body and much more which helped the page garner more than 35k+ followers in no time. With many interesting content and videos, Dr Arjun has kept his loyal fan base of followers glued to his page and also has been successful in flourishing as a social media personality.

We wish Dr Arjun keeps continuing his good work and motivates many millions across the globe. Do follow him on Instagram @ eathealthywitharjun.

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