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Sumeet Jindal Explains How You Can Grow Local Business Online using Digital Marketing

The Internet has intertwined with our lives at a frightening pace and it shows its presence in nearly every aspect of our life is palpable. Its effect is so much so that “Google” has now turned into a verb instead of a name. Whether it is just general aspects of your life, work or entertainment, the Internet is everywhere. Some people have used its power and increased their standing while others remain ignorant of its power.

Well, what does this mean for your business? With the business model changing, there is an urgent need for sellers, especially local businesses to use the internet by utilizing Digital marketing and increasing their digital footprint.

According to Sumeet Jindal founder of Postman News, Digital marketing remains one of the most effective ways to expand your business and reach more customers. This is crucial for all but especially for local Businesses who may see their sales dry up due to the monopoly of larger corporations.

Here are some of the ways to increase your local business in Digital Marketing.

1.    Have a strong social media presence

Social media is a powerful driver of growth for local business. Its power as a marketing tool remains undisputed and unchallenged. Many small businesses have been able to grow and expand their operations solely due to their strong social media presence. Getting to know your customers and engaging may seem useless but it is something which should not be taken lightly. With a single click, you can now reach millions of customers.

2.    Publish and maintain a regular blog

This is a great way to maintain your online presence and interact with your user base. Here you can share content related to your products, business and your plans and take feedback from your customer which will help you get a read on their minds. According to Sumeet Jindal this will also help you build your reputation as a customer-friendly business and increase customer satisfaction. Make sure that the content you publish on your blog is high quality and related to your business.

3.    Use the power of SEO

Search engine optimization is very important if you want to connect with more people. A strong SEO strategy helps you bring in more clicks and let you meet up with future potential customers. This’ll let your site and blog show up in one of the first search results on Google. While you may think that this is a tedious and time-consuming process, make sure that you do not skip on it if you want to increase your reach and promote your local business.

4.    Create a lead magnet

Many people might not have heard this term. A lead magnet is a tool in the form of a free eBook or PDF that allows you to gather the user’s email or contact. This is a sure-fire strategy to increase your business as it lets your customer get incentives while you get their contact information. The better is the incentive you provide, the more inclined they will be to share their information with you.

5.    Create and maintain a contact list

Creating and maintaining a contact list of your customers lets you know who your core patrons are. These are the people who are regular buyers from your business and are active regularly on your social media forums. According to Sumeet Jindal, founder of Postman News you can use this as a way to increase your relationship with these customers and retain their loyalties.  With a list of your core customers, you’ll be able to know more about their buying patterns and give them offers that are incentivised to their taste. This will not only increase customer satisfaction but will also provide your business with a good word of mouth which will ultimately help your business grow leaps and bound.


Since local businesses are in a tight spot, with bigger corporations taking away most of the customers, they need to join the digital marketing scene if they want to survive in this era of cut-throat competition. An effective digital marketing strategy is a key driver of business growth according to Sumeet Jindal founder of Postman News and using the above strategies effectively will undoubtedly help you increase your local business. You’ll soon see your sales improve and profits increase as you walk on the way to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with your customers.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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