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Sumeet Jindal funded Postman News celebrates 2 years of success!

In the evolving curiosity of news seekers, social media has become quite an important part of people’s daily life. This…

Sumeet Jindal funded Postman News celebrates 2 years of success!

In the evolving curiosity of news seekers, social media has become quite an important part of peopleÂs daily life. This has provided many media platforms to help all those unheard voices seeking opportunities to reach down to the heart of the public. Seeing this as an opportunity, Sumeet Jindal aged 25, young entrepreneur, conceived an idea of developing a new media platform named Postman News evolved with a keen eye on the world demands. 

The 2-year-old startup has been able to become a voice to all unheard with words but now have opportunities. They were provided the inspired, initiatives, by partnering up and motivated them towards the future for better. 

In just a matter of 2 years what they sought seemed to get a positive response by means of increased views and an outgrowing awareness among people about them. The venture on todayÂs date flourishes with followers of 1 million and still gaining more.

On todayÂs date, the newcomers donÂt get much of a chance but definitely, Postman news attracted the eyes because of their uniqueness. This Delhi based venture has not only seen huge growth in such small time but also provided great platforms to many start-ups and youths. With the growing reach and acceptance on social media, the venture, Postman News has been able to be the media partners for many events happening in the country. Whether it is launch of Golfing Nation Golf Championship 2018, by the legendary cricketer, Kapil Dev or it is a Comedy show of Guptaji (Appurv Gupta, Standup Comedian) or it may be Udyami 2019, a startup conclave summit organized by Punjab University., and many such events were supported and became a great success, by the co-operation of Postman news. This is really an amazing hand of help for all, according to a few surveys conducted and the reviews received.

The founder of Postman News, Mr Sumeet Jindal who is himself a blogger, knew what it feels like to be unheard and all those willing words but somewhere hidden words, need to come out and his platform was his target to give opportunities to those untold stories which are left unheard and never got fair recognition in the outer world. The venture has been funded by the founder Sumeet Jindal with the initial funding of 1 Million and been able to generate enough revenues to avoid outside funding and leading to complete ownership controls.

The founder of this venture Mr. Sumeet Jindal, aged25 was also called up to speak at the Start-up Conclave 2019, conducted by the Ambalika Institute of Management, Lucknow. There he inspired not only the students but also showed them their path to excel. Mr Sumeet by his words explained to the people that bareness in terms of law can be difficult to understand sometimes but it is always good. 

The venture is working on the ideology of ÂNo masala, No mix with all that was real, the founder wanted the people to read the unchanged or non-spiced up news. The team consists of some good editors and ex-journalists who were supported by means of such initiative and are creating a name out there in the world with this platform which is growing out like a beast. The level of trust again is another reason for this ventureÂs success. It shows how important that is, among the people we work with. The right attitude towards truth-seeking initiative among alike is one of those reasons why people are actually willing to follow their lead. All this was done because according to this soul- If we all come up together like this, we will all be creating a better place of truth and something which will be beyond imagination.

Well, just like other venture, it was not easy for them and they did face many issues. One of which was the IT framework of the portal but giving up was never a part of their practice. So, all around we see is positivity and nothing more than that.

Apart from every other thing, we find that opportunities are being given by Sumeet for something alike, the new bloggers and writers, who needed a platform to speak. An initiative of recognition for one of the most ignored section of the society again helped out the people who were waiting for something like this platform. They were inspired, they were supported, by every means.