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Sunil Ydv SS trying his hand in producing a heartwarming short film

Sunil Ydv SS trying his hand in producing a heartwarming short film

He is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker and has been a socialist in the past but Sunil ydv ss says turning producer was not a part of his career plan.

Sunil has donned a producer’s hat for his family, a short film set in the 1990s which takes on child marriage.

He also stated that it was the story of the film that pushed him to back the project. “Producing films was not really on my radar. I am more of a social activist. I am more of a helper. I don’t understand the numbers. We needed somebody who is liable and would do it in a clean, nice manner. So we are looking good casting agency for this short film,” says Sunil.

The idea to turn producer was purely a creative decision for Sunil and he felt a story on the issue of child marriage was the need of the hour. Also, he revealed that the idea of a short film struck him during her childhood when he came across a child, who was married when she was 15-year-old.

“It was a real-life situation for me that triggered me to do something about it. That time he did not think of making a short film. These kind of things are rampant in our country. We are trying to pass on the message that child marriage is not the right thing,” he said.

For Sunil, being an entrepreneur and motivation speaker are his priorities and he would only produce films if the story is interesting. “If there is something interesting which is not too production heavy and is simple, easy, small budget then why not. I need to pad up with certain people who know the craft of production very well,” he said.

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