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Supriti Batra – Gurgaon based Makeup Artist has shared the following trends to make your makeup routine – fun & easy, this fall season

5 biggest makeup trends you must try in this year 2021

We have finally made it through the 2/3rds of 2021.

The Rest of our time is full of festivities and even though makeup hasn’t been the most important part of our recent routine because of the infamous pandemic situation that we are still going through this year, makeup trends are the best way to experiment and play around with the products to enhance our features even further.

Skinimalism – This word has come into existence by Pinterest.
Minimal makeup is the base of the Makeup routine, enhancing the natural color of your skin, and highlighting the best features by stepping up one’s skincare game rather than relying on layers of foundation and concealer to get a flawless base.

The aim here is actually quite the opposite – we want the skin to show through and be as real as possible with the skin texture, freckles, scars or any beauty marks to be visible, for a change.

Funky Liner – This one is not for the faint heart of a person. This requires boldness. Double flick liner, Bottom lash kohled liner, Shimmer and Metallic liner, Emo Eyes, Floating Eyeliner, Thumbprint Eyeliner, White Liner, Ombre Liner, Stacked liner, Abstract or Graphic Eyeliner are a few examples in this category. This is an easy way to spice up any simple makeup look.

Bushy eyebrows – The most famous feathery- bushy look, which isn’t as dense or block-like is the whole new rage this year around.

Brow -This makes you look youthful and soft on the eyes.

A few feather-like strokes with a brow pen on the areas which are sparse to fill in the gaps and make it look fuller, and in the end, brush them out with a spoolie and fix them up with a brow gel to make them stay in its place for longer, is all it takes to pull off a natural brow trend this season.

Sun kissed blush look – Another way to look young and fresh quickly is with applying a pale pink or a muted red-rosy kinda colour swiped across the cheeks, including the bridge of the nose.

Cream blushes are usually used for more of a dewy and glowy finish on the skin whereas Powders are used for a builable and defined for a long lasting effect on the cheeks.

Nostalgia makeup – 90’s lip trend for the upcoming winter/fall is back again to fit the season’s need.
Bold lip always comes through while making a statement with a makeup look.
You can keep the outfit and jewelry very casual and still make a mark with dark lips and own the damn night, or day.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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