Surkhab TV – A YouTube Channel Which Promotes Punjabi Culture

Surkhab TV is a YouTube channel dedicated for presenting the positive image of Punjab & Punjabi culture. Along with it, their focus is to update the channel’s audience with current affairs and educate them with the latest domestic & international news which helps to improve the audience’s knowledge and personality.

Nowadays, there are so many options available for entertainment and other stuff which every internet user consumes during his leisure time, however, there are very few sources like Surkhab TV which provides authentic news and details about the new technologies in agriculture, education, religion as well as entertainment and has become a leader in this segment. Surkhab TV has made it’s mark by providing meaningful information about current affairs and applying continuous improvement in their content creation and presentation.

The creators of Surkhab Tv under Management Surkhab Media (OPC) Private Limited, wanted to reach as many as people and were confused to choose the platform to start this channel due to the availability of many options, however, during research, they find out that YouTube is the second largest search engine and third-largest most viewed site worldwide, only Google and Facebook are ahead respectively and YouTube is cost-effective as well for any business as in very less investment, there is opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of audience as globally every month, there are estimated 22 billion visits on YouTube, and according to the study, in 18-34 years age group, YouTube is accessed more than any DTH or cable network.

Therefore, YouTube was chosen as a preferred platform for Surkhab TV and this decision has been fruitful because the popularity of Surkhab TV has been spread worldwide and strengthen it’s position as a leader in the Punjabi news and cultural content sharing segment. Over time, Surkhab TV’s team has put a lot of efforts and taken many steps to improve the channel’s overall performance and theme which connects with every age group.

Surkhab TV’s motto is to be “Fair and Fearless” because behind every news and other information made available on the channel, there are hours of detailed research work. Each detail of any incident is verified as to spread the Fake News is easy, but to stop it, always demands a lot of character. The team behind the content creation takes every required precaution and that is why Surkhab TV is considered the trusted and verified channel. They believe in quality over quantity.

Surkhab TV’s online technical team is quite advanced as they use every trick to improve the channel’s reach so that they can deliver their reliable and authentic content worldwide. They use SEO-friendly titles rich keyword descriptions, relevant tags, optimizing the thumbnail’s image, create a transcription of the videos and provide content that helps to be educated and entertained at the same time.

The creative team of Surkhab TV always follows the trend and any recent and viral incident is researched and evaluated thoroughly before getting ahead to create the required content.

Surkhab TV is growing leaps and bounds due to it’s authentic content and still moving ahead on the path of success as there are never-ending opportunities in the vast world of the internet and they want to in cash to spread positivity.

By TIS Staffer
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