Syrian Celebrity&Lifestyle Influencer Mohammad Makhlouf Will Change Your Perspective on Luxury

There are things that are luxurious and then there is the next level. Syrian billionaire Mohammad Makhlouf is a lifestyle influencer in the Middle East for his lavish lifestyle. Today, his net worth stands at a whopping 2 billion dollars!

Born into an affluent family, Mohammad has been free to pursue a number of hobbies, most notably golf and a collection of luxury cars. The allure of luxury cars and vehicles has captivated Mohammad Makhlouf, who blatantly admits that cars are quite literally his kryptonite. Mohammad has amassed a truly enviable collection that would leave even the most avid collector at a loss for words. Mohammad’s passion for cars seems to have taken root in his childhood. “I used to love collecting toy cars as a child. I had a huge collection, various shapes, colors, and designs. The only difference between then and now is that I’m a bit older and the cars are a lot bigger”, he said.

But it doesn’t stop at cars. When Makhlouf grew tired of travelling in congested private jets, he drew inspiration from his fondness for luxurious homes and technology, deciding to combine the two interests and create a luxurious home that could fly. Makhlouf explained his perspective, “I hate small, narrow, and crowded private jets. That’s why I customized my own plane to have a luxurious feel and spacious interiors. I chose this design because I wished to make a flying luxurious modern house, rather than just another plane.” Makhlouf set aside a massive budget of 43 million dollars and used his creativity and ingenuity to transform a BAe 146 into a magnificent luxury home on wings. The layout includes two massive living rooms, a spacious bedroom, a bathroom with a shower, a dining room and a separate meeting room, complete with opulent furniture. For the finishing touch, the initials “MRM” were carved into every piece of furniture. Makhlouf has also hired a crew of 5 members to cater to all his needs, frequently working and having meetings while airborne.

From blazing around in his Ferrari to savoring the old school beauty of his Rolls Royce, there is indeed more to him than meets the eye. Beneath the glitz and glamour, resides a bright young mind determined to help make the world a better place, especially for the people who need assistance the most. When asked what brings him true happiness, Mohammad smiled and answered “I’d probably tell you, there is nothing that makes me happier than crossing 200 mph in my G850 Brabus. While that is true, I realized that having the ability to change people’s lives is something that really brings a smile on my face.”

Mohammad Makhlouf, is already playing a vital role in the reconstruction of Syria. He has also helped thousands of Syrian families due to which he was named “Syria’s Most Charitable Individual” in 2018.

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