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Taandav Media Works Announces: COVID- 19 Favours Bunch Of Event Managers

Taandav Media Works Announces: COVID- 19 Favours Bunch Of Event Managers

A Feature Film About An Event Manager’s Journey Is Expected to see a multi-lingual release in 2021

May 31st is the International Event Managers Day and This feature film is touted to celebrate one industry, one passion and million memories where all the artists, including freelancers, will come together to win it all.

Pointing out that the new-age world under lockdown is demanding that artists and talents to shift gears, thus forcing a bunch of Event Managers to take it upon themselves to curate a 2-hour and 1-minute regional feature film script. This group of talented individuals believes that “Content is King”. Therefore, now that the script is ready, they are waiting for the Indian film industry’s positive collaboration towards the project's production. The writer of the film turns the new-co producer quoting a proverb in Kannada "Pour the lake's water back into the lake"- Sri Purandara Dasaru 

Speaking in a press release, Arunn Raj, celebrated corporate host & wedding entertainer and CEO of Taandav Media Works Pvt Ltd, said, “The current pandemic war-like situation and social distancing norms forced us to venture and shift gears from setting up stages to curating moments onscreen, in order to survive and to retain our employees. We simply set new goals for ourselves.” 

He further says, “While we face new challenges in film making, the team believes impossible is nothing & the show must go on. During the tough time of the global economic pandemic situation, the untitled script Stage 2.0 (All Rights Reserved) has offered online jobs that have motivated artists and freelancers during the lockdown days. The film is under pre-production, which is using virtual production techniques and we request the Government of India to support the dream of these bunch of believers who have set up a new production house in Bengaluru and Hyderabad.” This production house has been set up with the support of event managers belonging to the states of Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Maharashtra & overseas.

The team expresses highest level of gratitude to the TELANGANA CHAMBER OF EVENT Industry(TCEI) and the Industry Legends Mr. Neeraj KS Thakur- General Secretary-TCEI, Mr.Rituraj Khanna-CEO Q Events(The God Father of Wedding Industry), Mr. Devanand Balaji-Founder of Thinkseed Inc., Mr. Ramm.k,Muppanna- TCEI Vice President (TEMA) -Founder & CEO Impulse India Events & More and Mr. Girish Naga Reddy-Founder & CEO Zeal Integrated Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd and all the event planners, Emcee’s, Dj’s & Vj’s, Vendors, Technicians and artists across country who have been supporting this project since its inception.

Attention: Artists & Freelancers, Who Are Interested to be part of this project, can email their credentials to careers@taandavfilms.com

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