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Talent agency by Alpesh Shah is known to provide 100% client satisfaction

Talent agency by Alpesh Shah is known to provide 100% client satisfaction

Alpesh Shah owns a talent and advertising agency as the name suggests they manage the work of newcomers in the glamour industry. They even manage the work of brands and other companies too. They also hunt for new talent who want to grow in the industry. They manage their work and hunt for the opportunities which are suitable for them.

His agency is named Dreams Chaser Media. They have managed projects of some FMCG brands branding and launching their products. Alpesh even managed and choreographed video shoots for some textile companies and even for some jewelry outlets as well. He was also an official groomer in some pageants.

His agency masters the work of finding the projects according to the talent of an individual. They do a full follow-up on the work and then recommend it to an individual suitable for it.

The CEO of Dreams Chaser Media was born on April 5, 1985. Alpesh is highly committed to his work. He is always ready for challenges that come his way and faces them with ease. He has that belief in him nothing comes without struggle and struggle makes one stronger and adds to the experience.

He takes every step calculatingly. He has the opinion that every work should be done perfectly and within the given deadline. He is always up for working.

Alpesh has done his schooling and college in Maharashtra. After completing college he further did a course in fashion choreography. He loves to do fashion photography. Other than this he is fond of listening to music and going on drives that are his window through his work and this is how he feels relaxed.

Alpesh is undoubtedly an amazing entrepreneur but along with that is a wonderful human too. He saw the crisis going all around him and couldn't resist his desire and came forward to help the needy.

The situation around us is deteriorating day by day due to the outbreak of the second wave of coronavirus. Every passing second we hear something that makes our hearts start to wrench. The cases are elevating every day and the number of deaths is horrifying, the virus is showing its effect on everyone no one is left behind. The scarcity of resources to fight against the virus resulted in the destruction of a huge number of people's lives. The fear of the virus has reached a level where the youngsters are putting away their old-aged parents. We saw many cases where senior citizens are found homeless and the COVID warriors help them further. Just like that, the number of deaths has made many kids homeless. Those kids whose parents died have no one to look upon or go to at this time. Dream Chaser Media team comes forward to provide a helping hand to such people as this is the time when humanity needs the support of each other. The team of Dream Chaser Media is helping them by providing senior citizens and children food packets, grocery kits, the necessary and basic medicines, and clothes. They also requested people to feel free and come forward to volunteer if they desire so that they can reach a large number of people and help them.

 He has a strong belief in God. He trusts in God and believes everything happens for reason and ultimately for good. He considers his parents as his mentor and one who helps him to be a little stronger every day.  He

People know Alpesh for his hard work and dedication in the industry.  They want you to work with him as his main priority is his client's satisfaction. He thinks discipline, hard work and dedication is the key to success. One just has to follow this and will walk ahead in the path of achieving his goals.

For every new project, he sees this as a challenge, a challenge to outpace himself. To do better than what he did previously.  To work even harder and to come out with something amazing all over again.

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