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Talent and Skill Is Key For Success In Indian Film Industry ; Roy Rajpurohit

The Indian Film industry is full of people who have reached the heights of success not because of their talent but because of which family they belong to. It is hard to make it in the Bollywood without nepotism or a godfather-like Salman Khan. However, there are few who are breaking into the industry solely because of the great talent they possess and one such underdog is Roy (Gopal) Rajpurohit.

Hailing from a small city – Jalor whose name you probably might not have even heard of, Roy came to Mumbai in 2010 with eyes gleaming of dreams. Through his sheer hard work and `determination, he established his company Roaring Lions Production which is now one of the best inline production companies. 

Roy has currently bagged a role of second lead in South Indian director Sundar C’s upcoming blockbuster. Sundar C has worked with great actors like Rajnikant and Prabhudeva and this just raises the expectation with Roy and his upcoming blockbuster. The film will be Roy’s south Indian debut and actor has already started preparing for his role.

By TIS Staffer
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