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Tariq Khan: Renowned Instagram Influencer, Actor & successful Businessman

Tariq Khan: Renowned Instagram Influencer, Actor & successful Businessman

The man of Passion had radiated the world with unbeatable talent taking the entertainment industry to the next level.

"Follow your passion," says Tariq Khan, the enthusiastic and dynamic personality who has glittered the globe with his astonishing victory. Tariq Khan at a young age had motivated youths towards the glorious path of victory thrilling the entertainment industry with his unbeatable talent.

Tariq Khan born in Mumbai, from his teenage was curious and eager for acting. He nurtured his skills while he was in school in his leisure time. He completed his schooling at Lucknow and graduated from Amity University. From an early age, he was conscious of his bodybuilding and use to work out which lead him to an attractive personality his height of 5.10 and weight of 68kg added spice to his look. His killing personality was famous for his brown-eye, black-hair. He is keen on non-vegetarian food especially Biryani. When talking about his relationship he says he is single.

"Live & Die for passion," says Tariq Khan as passionate about his talent in acting he initiated his career through social media platforms where his expressions and acting had escalated the vast crowd under his trap of success. His reels on Instagram have astonished people with his charismatic look and acting. His comedy genres had created miracles in the entertainment world.

Tariq Khan is grateful to work with Bella with whom he had shooted songs She's Too Many thrilling people on his rhythm. It has been a successful song that has brought revolutionary on a social media platform. However, above being passionate about acting he is also a successful businessman with his venture called "Bombay Lamp Shades" which is an esteemed luxurious store in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India showing his entrepreneur skills.

The miraculous and optimistic personality of Tariq Khan is also that he is a traveler. He likes to explore London. Hence, his lively nature and living joyful life had inspired numerous youths to work hard in gulping the fruit of success.

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