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The composer behind the popular album "Dilecious Music": Dileep Kumar Kandula

"Music is the language of the spirit. It opens the secret of life bringing peace, abolishing strife." - Kahlil Gibran

Dileep Kumar Kandula is revisiting his penchant for music and has consistently worked for over a year to perfect his musical composition skills. His early twenties were heavily invested in entrepreneurship in which he successfully launched and established many start-ups, all of which are immensely successful businesses that are even branching out as franchises. Dileep Kumar Kandula has featured in the blockbuster Telugu movie "21", in which a small but poignant role won the hearts of the audience and critics, despite a short on-screen presence. Along with all these businesses, he has worked with numerous Tollywood celebrities as a PR professional and has helped both upcoming artists and films get as much spotlight as possible. 

Dileep Kumar Kandula never had the time to explore his deepest desire for music composition and had very little time because of his ventures, that were in the initial phase. Now, he is content with the growth of his ventures and is also managing the Doordrushti foundation, which disburses help to the deprived and needy by taking only one rupee as a donation. Dileep Kumar Kandula loves tweaking music and uses a combination of his musical knowledge and state-of-the-art computer software to churn out captivating tracks. His latest music album "Dilecious Music" is already causing ripples on the internet with thousands of shares and likes on his music tracks. There are four tracks in the album, namely Marching of Enchanted Ants, Dream of Ecstasy, Come Along The Way Dear, You are my Something, each of which presents a catchy beat and rhythm that compels the listener to groove. 

Dileep Kumar Kandula says, "Creating music is very time-consuming as you have to come up with something unique and good every single time. It takes a lot of iterations, sleepless nights, and effort to come up with a new song. Initially, I found myself in despair as the output wasn't up to the mark. But my entrepreneurial spirit didn't allow me to quit until I perfected my creation. It began as small-sized songs and gradually transformed into an album that is now garnering appreciation from the audience. I am happy with how my first album turned out and hope that in the coming months, the work on the next one will start at full pace.

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