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The corporate rapper Raja Mukherjee – the futuristic entrepreneur believes in a 360 degree customized entertainment experience

When people think of nicely placed words alongside a complimenting rhythm, it is definitely the time to listen to some great rappers. Indian crowd has been recently cheering a lot for the amazing rappers India has introduced. Raja Mukherjee is one of those rappers who believe in delivering customized rap music for his fan and followers.

Raja has been hosting shows for a very long time. He has been also an active rapper since 2005. This protean person always wanted to entertain his audience through the well customized shows and his rapping skills. From a being the most stylish anchor in India 2020 (Business World) to being the proud owner of ‘ Cut the Crop India,’ he has it all in him to mark him as a creative entrepreneur of his time.

His new idea through ‘Cut the Crop India’ is definitely an idea to look forward to. “I am starting a project called the ‘Corporate Rapper.’ This is a new venture within cut the crop. The idea is to make theme songs for various corporate clients based on their requirement. Clients range from HDFC to Sanofi pharma to Jack and Jones”

Raja’s new idea of customizing his work to the need of the client is a brownie gainer and hence he is all set to claim his authority to make a change in the way events use to look like earlier. Being just another entrepreneur is not what Raja is aiming at, he has a vision absolutely new and he is all set to become the first in the field.

‘Cut the Crop India’ is a 360 degree customized entertainment experience. From the execution, audio management of the video and packaging of the content, they focus on understanding the need of the occasion. Raja Mukherjee AKA Raja RME is taking the event industry and entrepreneurship to a whole new level.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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