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The Deeds Of A True Political Leader: Yash Shukla

Yash Shukla

With a basic motive in his life to help out other people come out this young politician and youth Icon, baby has been making it easier for people in times of need.

We all are very well aware of the heartbreaking situations that took place last year, beginning in April. Nobody knew how difficult it was going to get and nobody knew for sure that how they’re going to overcome these situations. However, will people who were helping each other out, and among them are rose baby, making his best efforts to provide everyone with almost all that he has ever had.

The very first problem that people faced was the shortage of food, the middle class, and the rich people do not have a lot of problems coping up with lockdowns, and they would not be having any issue with it for at least five years since they tend to have a lot of savings amounted up for emergency purposes. However, what about those poor people who have no means of income, and who have nothing that they could do during the lockdown to earn money. There is nobody who is going to provide for them, and nobody who is also going to back them up. This is where baby played a major role.

The very first thing that baby contributed in was providing rations to people. Helping out thousands in his hometown in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

Baby comes from a very political background too, where his father has also been involved in politics for a long time now. But it is not the same as his father’s honey that brought him to popularity, it is his own actions and deeds that contributed to becoming somebody extremely generous.

Politicians are often believed to be biased, especially these days when everything is becoming completely corrupt and nobody really believes in their work or their promises. But baby has kept his promise and he has served his people by being in the position of power, his help was not just limited to people for food and housing purposes. He also extended a Firm helping hand towards coronavirus-positive patients who did not have any health resources or places that they could turn up to in tears they are infected.

Baby also contributes a lot of the help provided to his big team who assisted him in doing all these activities, all of this would not have been possible if the team wouldn’t have stayed beside him strongly and boldly in the face of a virus and an extremely disappointing pandemic. BaneshwariYuvaParishad deserves the mention! Baby even made it to the headlines, and his father Ravi Shankar Shukla was pretty proud of him for being a reliable son and a true politician by nature. It is expected that in the future too he will continue to portray all these qualities.

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