The founder of Jewelegance discusses how GenZ can explore gold investment options


Glittering gold continues to woo millennials with its exquisite designs and authentic approach. Gold has captivated civilizations throughout history. Gold ownership has remained a major indicator of a person’s economic position throughout history. However, in the modern period, the nature of gold investments has changed dramatically. The development of technology and growing globalization, particularly in the last two decades, has resulted in substantial changes in investor behaviour and expectations. Millennial investors, those born between 1980 and 2000, have a unique approach to investing, whether in stocks, securities, real estate, or gold. The founder of the brand Jewelegance, Dhruval Shah puts forward his opinions on exploring different gold investment options.

1. How to figure out authenticity while making an investment in Gold?

Before making a large investment in gold, customers should make a thorough understanding of the industry. It is essential to remain cautious and check that the gold purchased is genuine. There is usually no need to be concerned about authenticity if purchased through a bank or a licensed precious metal merchant. Making purchases from less trustworthy merchants on an auction platform or at a bazaar should be investigated further and verified to check its authenticity.

2. What kind of gold do millennials invest in?

Gold has been categorized as one of the safest investment possibilities that people should look forward to. Gold investment has taken on different shapes over time, yet it holds a powerful position with each passing year. Gold has recently become a hassle-free investing option for millennials thanks to new investment choices such as Digital Gold. The stability of gold continues to woo new-age investors and represents a promising future for youngsters. Gold Coins, Gold Companies, Gold ETFs, Gold Mutual Funds, Gold Bullion, Gold Jewellery, and Digital Gold are some of the incredible options that you can consider while making an investment in gold. With its huge demand, gold continues to entice investors in the market of volatile options.

3. What are your opinions on digital gold investment?

Having been in the industry, I believe that digital gold allows investors to take advantage of cutting-edge technology that eliminates the hassles of evaluating physical gold for purity and then determining a secure storage location. Millennials are increasingly relying upon digital options. As a result, it’s realistic to assume that the generations after the millennials will gradually phase out traditional models. Millennials see gold as a lucrative investment with long-term potential. It’s a wise move to provide them with technology that makes investing in gold digitally accessible and convenient.

4. What are the secured platforms where one can make a digital gold investment?

For centuries, people have been investing in gold, and it has remained one of the most popular investment vehicles in the country. There are other ways to invest in yellow metal besides actual gold. In recent years, the digital revolution has spread to the gold market, introducing a new type of investment known as digital gold. In India, the concept of digital gold is relatively new. Investors can buy gold in small quantities from digital gold service providers.

Once you are aware of all the intricacies involved in investing in gold, you shouldn’t wait much longer before taking the informed step.

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