The Ghotala Guy: The Start of a New R-Egg-Olution

Tanish Shah

Cooking has been a therapeutic passion for many. Nevertheless, India being the land of diversity when it comes to food, attire, culture and many other factors, it offers a plethora of options to the masses to explore varieties of dishes across the nation.

Here is one great tale of an engineer turned digital marketeer who even before deciding his career knew that cooking is his actual passion. Whatever shape his career takes in future, he will stick to his ultimate passion, which is cooking.

Tanish Shah, founder and executive chef at Ghotala: Swag Egg Mera Desi has given an exciting twist to the regular egg that we all consume. The discovery of this dish has an exciting background of how a Surati gifted the Egg Ghotala to the Maximum City – Mumbai.

Needless, soon he realized that engineering was not something that he would like to do the rest of his life. This is where the real exciting journey of the Ghotala Guy started.

Tanish spent his days on the streets of Surat exploring various dishes. This gave him the courage to stand up for his passion and eventually he started his chef journey from learning exciting egg dishes. Friends and family became the ginny pigs to his experiments.

Amidst all this, he managed to complete his degree and fetch an engineering job in Mumbai. But again, it was the same old compulsive life. The only beautiful thing here was he knew that ‘experimenting with eggs’ would relieve him. It soon became his evergreen passion to explore egg recipes beyond a typical omelette or a sunny side up.
He never hesitated in learning the different recipes from the vendors of the Surat food stalls who offered the varieties of egg recipes.

It was Tanish’s continuous passion that provided him the courage to set up a stall at Kala Ghoda Festival and followed by other flea markets across the city, and guess what? It was a grand success. The first attempt made him and the Tadka Ghotala Special popular among the food critics across the nation.
Soon he moved out of his typical engineering job and got into cooking and he specifically focussed on experimenting with egg recipes. He parallelly took up a course of his choice which was digital marketing.

Today, he is the pioneer of the famous item, Tadka Ghotala Special’, that Mumbaikars relish to the core.

This scam is something that every food lover in Mumbai wants to experience. Made with grated eggs and Indian spices, to over 20+ other unique egg gravies, this Surat based dish was fortunate enough to come along with the Ghotala Guy to Mumbai.

He actively takes home orders and sets up his stall annually at flea market along with consulting brands for their digital moves.

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