The ‘Inspiration Preneur’ Renu Paswan, emerges as a changemaker despite all storms

Renu Paswan

Struggles come along in everyone’s life. But how you cope up with them and gain your high is what makes you stand out. The ‘Inspiration Preneur’ Renu Paswan, caught the hold of her life’s goat and kept it on the way during every storm of her life. An author, life coach, speaker, influencer, social worker, and a politically active entity, Renu Paswan has been an inspiration to many because of her strong will and hard work.

Hailing from a small town in Bihar, Renu was brought up in a family with limited means and reserved background. Being the eldest in the family, she has always taken up the responsibilities of her household. Despite facing a majority of ups and downs in life, she never left her ground and emerged as a very strong face. Her vivid writings inspire everyone with their powerful and encouraging statements.

Understanding the suffering of her community, she decided to do something about it. She started to be vocal about the issues that people and especially women were facing. Initially, she faced a lot of backlashes. There was a major part of the village that wasn’t in support and some even probed for her marriage. It was difficult and tiring, but Renu never let anyone take control of her life. She continued her studies and moved to Bengaluru to pursue her career. Her constant efforts made her grab the opportunity of the management professional at Infosys

Despite all the challenges she faced, Renu’s enthusiasm always remained intact. “It is all about the realization,” she says. “I accepted that my life is not a smooth ride. But instead of cribbing about it, I decided to make a difference and spread a powerful message to others as well.” Her life story came out to be so inspiring and popular that she was also invited to speak at the center in Bangalore, Pune, London, as well as in a TEDx event.

Renu Paswan is the author of the renowned book ‘Live to Inspire’ which came out in May 2018, which then expanded to establish the “Live to Inspire Foundation”. Under this name, Renu has conducted many seminars for educational institutions such as India Today Institute for Journalism, All India SCST Federation, and various other NGOs and Corporates. Renu Paswan also gave back to her native village. Eleven female members from around her place were chosen from each block and amenities are provided to them so they can start their businesses.

For her efforts, Renu received the Indian Achievers Award, titled ‘India’s First Inspiration Preneur’ in 2019, and was also invited to speak on gender equality at the Women Economic Forum in November 2019. She is part of “United Nations – Woman Forum which is taking her to the roads of Paris. Featured in various news, media sites, TV, Renu Paswan has received recognition from various Bollywood personalities like Ashmit Patel and Sayantani Ghosh for her work.

Renu is also called an Influencer as motivates the world through her powerful messages. She strongly believes, “Even if you do a small thing, it is enough to change someone else’s mind. It is enough to motivate and change them.” ‘Don’t look out for other examples, Be One’, is the motto she follows in life.

We appreciate the spirit of this Daughter of India who is a changemaker and an impelling power in the life of many. Wishing her a Happy and very Powerful Women’s Day.

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