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The journey of the budding sensation of the east and inspiration for many, Likha Nari

Likha Nari

For her, we can easily use the phrase “Started from the bottom, now we here”. Coming from the beautiful state of the northeast, Arunachal Pradesh, Likha Nari was a little girl with big dreams and an even bigger drive to achieve them. Life wasn’t easy for her either, she had her shares of setbacks and downhill moments but the most empowering thing about her is that she never gave up.

Let’s dive deeper into the life of this magnificent lady.

From her Childhood, Likha Nari was moved by businesses. After completing her graduation from college in Chennai. She started her business by exporting Ginger by teaming with ace exporters and exporting them to different parts of the world. With this Likha Nari explored and experimented in her career a lot, from event management to providing digital and communication services, from having a manufacturing unit of candles to owning a notebooks business with the brand name ZOOEY NOTEBOOK. From the only lady of Arunanchal Pradesh as an owner of Milescares Road emulsions business to owning a local digital news platform. And now this powerful woman is the owner of WSquarenews media networks. 

Well, the journey to establish this media network wasn’t lenient at all. She started from her home and today she has two branch offices with more than twenty employees working under her. So true that “if you want something in your life, then must believe in yourself”. Now her business has a turnover of crores.

Likha Nari is also philanthropic and believes in serving others with what she has. From time to time she contributes by volunteering for NGOs in her state who organize blood donation camps. Well, there was a time when her sister was on dialysis for two months and her family had to face a tremendous amount of difficulties. So, She decided that no one should go through the same. And hence, started contributing her part by organizing blood donation camps.

Her mission

Likha lives by one principle – “Don’t chase easy money”. Likha was from Humble background and very early in her life, she knew that to make difference in her life she had to do something extraordinary. Her mission is to inspire the youth of this country, especially girls of this country to be self-reliable and independent. Inspire them to generate career opportunities for themselves. She is on a mission to help and educate people and is ready to make a difference in the lives of people around her.

Her vision 

She is a woman of far-sighted vision. Her vision is that she wants to empower people with accurate information. Also, she wants to see the youth incline towards start-ups, generating and creating new business, and not running after government job security. As she firmly believes that government jobs may provide security but lots of potential youth get stuck in the Sarkari daftars (offices). Also, She is a follower of the government’s LOCAL FOR VOCAL campaign.

With her mission and vision, Likha Nari proved that if a woman wants to achieve something, she will get it. Among all the difficulties and atrocities of life, Today, Likha is a strong and independent woman. Also, She is a single mother of a beautiful daughter. Hence, Likha Nari is a true inspiration for all.

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