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The young sensation and upcoming face of the technology arena: Tarun Tej

Meet Tarun Tej! A technology influencer and journalist. His vulnerability is the true justification for his great personality. He had done whatever inspired him and outshined in all of them very well. Currently, the youngster is based in Hyderabad by making his life way exciting than others.

Tarun was born on 21st July 1999. Yes, the youngster is just 21 years old but has achieved wonders and is still unstoppable. He got serious about his life way before the people of his age are. As mentioned earlier, he is one of the youngest Influencer, Journalists, and Reviewers. Putting the cherry on the cake adds up for him also being a phenomenal photographer.

Generally, no one would want to get involved with complicated gadgets, let alone then trying to explain it to someone else. Even the experts have to form up a lot of tacts to explain the concept of technical details exactly to a person who has no idea about it. It is a complex job and needs a wide range of vocabulary and honesty. But, Tarun Tej is one of the very few members who has taken up this task, and has continued to do it for about 4 years now! Society needs people like him who can break it down to non-techy people. I bet everyone can agree to that!

Tarun also has some charted out strategies that would help him in dire times of need. For example, he knew that he needs to have a professional degree. Instead of choosing an industry he already shines at, he chose to pursue Hospitality Management. Interesting, right? Moreover, he also understands the importance of experience. Hence, he worked as a Front Office Assistant at Oberoi group before being a full-time journalist. That said, Tarun stands to be one of the most popular influencers of this generation.

Follow Tarun Tej on Instagram {www.instagram.com/taruntejy}, Twitter {www.twitter.com/taruntejy}, and Facebook {www.facebook.com/taruntejy}. Check-out his website {www.tarun-tej.com} for all his latest coverage. Also visit TrueTech {www.true-tech.net/author/taruntej} to check his recent contributions.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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