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The need to streamline the storage and parking space in India

The need to streamline the storage and parking space in India

Both Storage and parking are perennial common man problems in India, which need to be catered wisely to increase the liveability index.

India is a populous country with a maximum population settled in the urban and metro cities. Due to increased real estate costs, most of the urban crowd is adopting minimalism and preferring optimal living.

In an extended work from home scenario, a growing proportion of the working population, primarily techies, are leaving the city and moving back to their hometowns, pushing up demand for storage houses, where household and office belongings are stocked securely for low rentals. Post pandemic times many warehousing companies have started providing shared storage spaces to its customers. The self-storage sector in India is still at an early stage with only a handful of organized players - with limited space capacities - in the mega metros.

Similarly even today it is very difficult for a vehicle owner to find a decent parking spot near their residential and work location. Due to lack of available parking spaces many commuters depend of the public transport system which is also not very well equipped in India.

Airattix tries to solve these common global problems by creating a market place where people can list and rent personally owned vacant properties or parking spots for rental of goods storage or car parking respectively. Airattix provides an opportunity for the host to earn some extra income from their vacant and unused properties.   

The startup has sensed tremendous growth potential and in the past one year and big brands like Oyo Rooms, Storemore, Yourspace Doctor etc. are listing their properties on the companies website to rent it further to storage and parking customers. 

Airattix tries to justify the high demand by providing a platform for rental of storage and parking spaces. Within a short span of time the company has managed to scale its operations in all major metro cities in India with more than 3000 registered users. With huge market potential the company has lot of expansion plans in the tier 2 and tier 3 cities as well.

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