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The next legend of the kickboxing arena Morteza Malekian

The next legend of the kickboxing arena Morteza Malekian

The first time he learned about kickboxing, he was merely a kid of 5 yrs. All he understood that that early age was kickboxing was a sport which was a blend of boxing and kicking. He also gathered knowledge that it is an art of self-defense. But, Morteza Malekain, could see beyond that in kickboxing. His mind was unconsciously recording every kick and punch that he saw. It got so well impressed on his mind that his mind was totally engrossed in the moves and punches and his mind was rehearsing those moments virtually. At that very moment, he knew this is what he is born for. He had such craze for kickboxing that at a very young age, he wanted to not just play kickboxing but also train others. Born in 1993, Morteza Malekian has a passion for martial arts since childhood. Unlike other kids who played with fancy toys and watched cartoons, Morteza just wanted to have his boxing gloves and rehearse day and night.  

He started kickboxing training from 2002 at the age of 9. Although he wanted to rehearse immensely, he could manage to train himself for 4 months and then had to take a break from his training for some other issues. As time passed, his hurdles got cleared and in 2007, we officially launched himself as kickboxing fighter. In the same, he was facilitated with his first provincial title in the Kickboxing championship. He is so immensely talented and has an immense craze for kickboxing that he has since then been winning multiple youths and state titles in the youth kickboxing category. His competitiveness in kickboxing and the right moves and the accurate time with the proper balance of speed, strength, and endurance made him eligible to win the bronze medal in the 2014 Kickboxing International Tournament.

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