”The Pandemic Is A Good Break To Start Fresh” says 23 Year Old Entrepreneur

Atreya Barad is a 23 year old Entrepreneur from the beautiful state of Goa. He is the Co-owner of Bee Kay Enterprises, started by his father Mr. Mahendra Barad. Bee Kay Enterprises deals with water and construction material supply. They also provide Earthmoving machineries for hire. Their business is one of the few businesses that have been out there serving people in the entire lockdown.

‘’The pandemic slowed down our businesses but we are grateful we could serve people in these times’’ says Atreya. Paying our workers was a big challenge for us just like everyone. Keeping the challenges aside we got to learn a lot and get time to correct things and get better at few things.

Sharpening your axes before cutting a tree or getting your nets proper before fishing is really important, and this time is that opportunity for businesses to do the same. There were some things that needed our attention but we couldn’t give that time in the pre pandemic times. In this pandemic we got that time to set those things in place.

Few of the changes we made in this lockdown

  1. Branding the leader as well as the business:  Most of our customers have come from word of mouth and my father got referrals. All this while we did not advertise our brand. Most of our customers recognize our company by my father’s name. Along with the leader the brand also needs to be promoted, and this is what we will be doing henceforth. Having the branding in place helps the companies leverage its experience for generations.
  • Having Standard Operating Procedures Are Important: Lot of businesses ignore this but it is really important. We see brands like McDonalds and Dominos everywhere around us, these businesses have a standard or a preset way of operations that helps them maintain and multiply their services everywhere around the world. We are looking forward to build it in our organization.

The pandemic has brought the best out of us. We always were on field executing stuff this was a great opportunity to sit back and observe. In terms of learning as well this time was a good opportunity. We are all set to get bigger and better.

By TIS Staffer
the authorBy TIS Staffer

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