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The Skin Zeal founder, Isha V Mittal talks about doctor’s cocktail of skin boosters

The Skin Zeal founder, Isha V Mittal talks about doctor’s cocktail of skin boosters

With the increasing pollution and dirt in the air, skin gets affected even if one spends just a few minutes under the hot sun. It makes simple skincare and wellness products to be proven not- so fruitful anymore. In such cases, several skincare treatments like botox, derma fillers, and mesotherapy come in. Contributing to the same category is skin booster therapy, which has recently gained a lot of popularity among dermatologists and patients as a credible way to achieve rejuvenated skin.

Just like no one cloth suits all, one method of treatment is also not beneficial for every skin concern. Understanding the same, renowned dermatologist Dr. Isha V Mittal, founder of the profound skin treatment center ‘The Skin Zeal’ concocts various medicinal compounds together to create that perfect mix that when used to treat the skin gives the best results. Whenever a new patient comes to her, she ensures that she makes her list of ingredients for her treating cocktail exactly according to what their skin would prefer to have. 

A certified Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Laser specialist, and Hair Transplant Expert, Dr. Isha has gained her expertise in the realm after years of rigorous practice. At The Skin Zeal, she makes sure that her treatment mixtures suit every skin issue with precision never compromising on the quality they yield. For a patient with lax skin, she infuses EGFs with Hydraulic acid accounting for supple and firm skin. For uneven skin tones, she prefers to amalgamate skin whitening serums, Vitamin-C-based serums along with other substances to hold water in the skin, so the final result is smooth and subtle resulting in a healthy, plump, and glowing complexion. Skin booster injections also change the way light bounces off your skin. This gives you an even tone complexion and reduces skin pigmentation. 

Talking about the benefits of skin booster therapy, Dr. Isha V Mittal says, “This skin treatment is perfect for all those who are disappointed by the constantly dull, dehydrated, and lifeless looking skin. Unlike many other skin-treating fluids, these are injected directly into the dermis to hydrate and improve the overall skin quality. Focussed on delivering instant hydration using non-invasive methods and minimal downtime, this promising in-clinic skin treatment brings a glow to the skin that you always desired.” She states that the best thing about skin boosters is that they could be done along with other treatment methods. It means that if one wants a thread lift and the therapy, then they can get it done on the same day without having to worry about any side effects.

Established in the vicinity of Tricity of Chandigarh, Zirakpur, The Skin Zeal is one of the most advanced aesthetic centers for skin treatments. Run by the meritorious dermatologist herself,  she envisages that methods like skin-boosting therapy that can be combined with other skin treatment methods done effectively will one day certainly account for healthy and hydrated skin for all. 

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