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The Story of Thursday King- Sanjay Jaswani

Yes, it is the story of Sanjay Jaswani who is also known as Thursday king in the Indian Stock Market,…

The Story of Thursday King- Sanjay Jaswani

Yes, it is the story of Sanjay Jaswani who is also known as Thursday king in the Indian Stock Market, he is incredibly famous with this name as his trading accuracy on this day is amazing. Well, Thursday is always an especially important day for all traders in Stock Market and very few make it an especially useful day and among a few, we found one of them as Sanjay Jaswani.

Sanjay is a Full-time trader, Mentor, Investor, Speaker, and Author. He has given speeches in many prominent institutes of India and acclaimed many awards for his knowledge and his bestselling book ÂHow to Avoid Loss & Make Money While Sleeping in Stock MarketÂ.

Sanjay is the owner of 4 Firms and one of them is Target Accounts and on Target AccountÂs social account more than 1 Lakh people are following him, to know and learn about Stock Market daily via posts and stories. Sanjay & his students usually trade on Thursday and Event days only; he says that options trading can easily be done with the calculative approach which is very easy but takes practice and if one puts effort into practice then the ball is in his/her court and the money keeps flowing.

Target Accounts also aims to help these individuals develop a mindset of Entrepreneurship by educating them about the importance of Wealth creation and management through proper risk and reward-based strategies.

As he is also an Economics major, he says, In Nominal GDP list, India Consolidate its 5th place but when it comes to Stock Market only 1.5-3% of the population of India is directly or indirectly investing in the Stock Market and it is because many do not have the basic knowledge about Stock Market. He says even if people invest some money in Stock Market via ETF, it will grow, and compounding will be done drastically. Also, it will let our economy grow because if people invest money in Stock Market, banks will get more money and will become more liquid and will provide loans easily to new Indian Startups at cheaper rates, which is going to increase employment. Any Economy which has a high employment rate is the best Economy & the person who got employed or got a job will buy products from companies like Britannia, nestle like Maggie or car of Maruti Suzuki which he might not be consuming or buying before getting employed because of that these companyÂs earnings grow which are listed in Stock Market and via ETF we are Investing money in these companies only or we can say in our Economy.

India, being a developing country has plenty of investing and trading opportunities that one can make use of rather than the conventional types of Investment. Sanjay believes that there must be celebration days, weeks, and months for Financial Literacy and people should wish each other ÂHappy Financial Freedom.Â

Sanjay and his team of Target Accounts are active on Instagram handle @targetaccounts and @investorgirl1998.