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The unsung saga of Arvind Arora: How he faced “Challenges” in life to become YouTube star

Successful personalities are made and not born and this making is borne out of hard work, patience and zeal to…

The unsung saga of Arvind Arora: How he faced “Challenges” in life to become YouTube star

Successful personalities are made and not born and this making is borne out of hard work, patience and zeal to face stereotypical situations. Arvind Arora, who hails from a small town in Rajasthan, and has emerged as a digital star, is perfect example of this personification.

His profound persona can be traced from he being an Individual YouTuber with highest views within India. His channel A2 Motivation is currently the No. 1 YouTube shorts channel with more than 9.3 million Subscribers: the pinnacle overwhelmingly reached in just 9 months. Receiver of 7 Silver and 2 Golden YouTube Play Buttons, ArvindÂs list of achievements is quite long.

Today he has crowned himself with success, but all this was not a smooth journey. There is an unsung saga behind the most celebrated one, a story defining his struggle. Passing through bankruptcy, failure, and many more things, he has seen every phase of life. There were many demotivating stereotypical things which pulled him back, but each time he gave a tough fight and made a headway through them. Rather he says, that these challenges and the right choices made to face them made all the difference in his life.

Going back to his early days, his family relied on a small shopkeeping business and had little savings for high dreams. His dreams were confined to that family business only. But then came the first challenge in his life from a close relative who once said to him that he could do nothing beyond shopkeeping. However, he firmly believed, ÂPeople canÂt dictate my future and took the first turning decision to pursue engineering independently.  He took an education loan to complete his graduation. 

Sometimes, our family members also underestimate our value. Similar thing happened with him and his second challenge came from his father who forbid him from pursuing engineering on the conception that it had no value. Hoping in optimism he then said to his father, ÂI will try and If I will fall, I wonÂt Blame anyoneÂ. The most inspirational is the fact is that he never bothered his family or others for meeting his financial needs in the fast city of Jaipur. Further, in spite of the fact that his initial education was in Hindi, he put all his efforts in studying the course work in English and even passed with good marks.

His life was not a bed of roses and his first job offered him a salary of just ?11,000 per month and later on he started his own GATE coaching centre. There were times when he himself used to paste the posters of the institute in various colleges. He ran his life then, by doing a petty job in the morning and taking classes at night. However, then came another down, when his partner asked him to leave the institute.  But as itÂs often said that when God wants to gift youwith success, he first checks your patience and endurance.  Whatever Arvind is today, it is all because he knew what was to be done and when. He even took 6 months break to earn from spirituality and did yoga, meditation apart from reading books of Ramanujan and Osho.

He was left with no money when he reached Gujarat. Here came the next turn in his life: unprecedently a GATE teacher became a Chemistry teacher. He made a YouTube Channel- ÂMade Ejee Chemistry and started uploading teaching videos which eventually grew. Today he stands at top in creating YouTube short videos and is a leading face in digital innovation. It is all because he didnÂt let others to dictate his life and faced all the challenges.

The difference is reflected from where he stands now. Currently his channel, A2 Motivation, has crossed 4.4 billion views with  9.3 million subscribers. The popularity can be traced out from his overall 21+million social media followers and there is no media platform where A2 motivation has not reached. A2 Motivation team currently handles almost 12 YouTube channels and is heading towards gaining of a diamond play button. To accentuate further, nothing gained is worth until shared. Relying on similar principles the team of A2 Motivation is extensively engaged in helping those in need via their A2 student scholarship. 

Nothing would have been gained until the pioneer had a mission and vision to lead that mission. A2 Motivation team has a mission of reaching each household (Har Ghar tak Pahunchana) and it aims at this target by a firm vision of making the A2  Subscribers economically, physically, socially and mentally powerful. In tune to this, the Arvind Arora (A2) Sirhas been actively taking live sessions on the investment fundamentals as well.

This is just a trailer, there is a lot to come in future.

ÂPicture Abhi baaki hai, Mere dostÂ

From the words of A2 sir, Stay Connected!

And reap the mutual benefits

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