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Things to Know About Wild Rift Before it Releases in India

With the Champions of Runeterra coming near you to India through LoL: Wild Rift, here are a few key points…

Things to Know About Wild Rift Before it Releases in India

With the Champions of Runeterra coming near you to India through LoL: Wild Rift, here are a few key points you should know before they arrive! LoL: Wild Rift was recently released in the Americas, both North and South, and oh boy! The hype is real! The log-in queue in the Americas reached almost 1 million. Wild RiftÂs rating jumped from 3.8 to 4.3! With the release in the Americas, India is sure to come really soon!

Unique Champions

If you have played League of Legends on desktop/PC, you should know that a couple of our beloved champions have been redesigned to fit mobile gameplay! Some examples are, Lux Ultimate Ability (Judgement.png) is now a global ultimate – meaning it reaches until the other edge of the map; Ashe Ultimate Ability (Enhanced Crystal Arrow.png) can be steered; KatarinaÂs Death Lotus allows her to move while hailing a flurry of blades. Instead of unlocking the Ultimate Ability on Level 6, Wild Rift champions get theirs in Level 5.

Free Rune System

Unlike other MOBAs in the mobile gaming stores, Wild RiftÂs rune system is completely free! You donÂt have to spend a single in-game currency to unlock runes that will aid you on the battlefield, instead will be quickly unlocked when leveling up.

LoL players should note that many existing runes in PC do not exist in Wild Rift. On top of that, Kleptomancy has a different passive than that in PC, wherein you get a random item passive every 20 seconds after using an ability.

In-Match Warding System

Wild Rift is one, if not the only, mobile MOBA that has a ward system wherein players either carry around free totem wards (give vision) or an oracle lens (a drone trinket around the playerÂs champion can be used to destroy totem wards or traps). A totem ward is given to the player every 120 seconds, and can only carry up to 2 at a time, or 1 control ward that goes on cooldown for 75 seconds after being used. It should be noted. On top of this, there are 4 Scyer BloomÂs located on the map, that when destroyed – give temporary vision to a large cone area opposite to the direction it was damaged.

Active Items

Unlike its PC counterpart, you can only have one active item in Wild Rift, such as ZhonyaÂs Hourglass (puts your champion in a stasis; invulnerable to any damage or crowd control), Quicksilver (cleanses all crowd control for X seconds, but can not be used while the champion is knocked-up), and more. Active items are locked behind the 5 available movement boots in the game as a tertiary upgrade; basic boots > upgraded boots > active item with upgraded boots passive.

Only Five Roles

Contrary to other mobile MOBAs, Wild Rift follows the classic team line-up: Solo/Baron Laner, Mid Laner, Jungler, and the Duo Lane (Marksman + Support). Marksmen in WIld Rift will suffer greatly if they choose to go as a jungler on the battlefield, as their potential will be overwhelmingly less impactful, and other champions other than the dedicated jungler trying to take jungle camps will face the consequences by being dealt unexpected amounts of damage. You can find our Role guide on our website! (Link here)


For your ÂToo Long; DidnÂt ReadÂ, here is your bullet-pointed list of things to know about Wild Rift before it releases in India:

  • Minor Champion Redesigns to fit Mobile Gameplay
  • Free Rune System
  • Having vision around the entirety of the map
  • Renewed Active Items system + Boot System
  • Only Five Roles

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