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This Debut Poetry Collection Talks about Important Issues with a Charming Simplicity

This Debut Poetry Collection Talks about Important Issues with a Charming SimplicityThis Debut Poetry Collection Talks about Important Issues with a Charming Simplicity

Writing can be therapeutic. Writing can be a beautiful way to come to terms with one’s loss. And the debut poetry collection, Tamarind: Sweet and Sour Poems about Love, Loss, Longing, and Life, by poet Akhila Mohan CG is one such book. Thoughtfully divided into four sections named, ‘Love,’ ‘Loss,’ ‘Longing,’ and ‘Life,’ the book talks about important issues and complex human emotions with charming simplicity and subtlety.

Published by the Singapore-based publishing house Kitaab International, the book reflects the author’s sweet and sour experiences of life. It tells us how despite loss and pain one can keep loving one’s sweet-sour journey called life. The reflective poems share the author’s inspiring journey of healing and self-discovery after having gone through testing times; from dealing with an abusive marriage, losing a child to stillbirth, being anxious over her parents growing old, sisterhood, nature being a healing force, and much more.

Women Trapped in Patriarchy

One of the most heart-touching poems in the collection is ‘Amma.’ This piece of poetry, a pure and innocent articulation of the narrator’s love and devotion towards her mother instantaneously charm the reader. The poem narrates the stark reality of a woman’s life that many mothers decide to give up on their dreams and desires to nourish those of their children. The poem throws light on how patriarchal norms continue to trap women in relationships in which they are unhappy.In between your cracked heels, a path awaited you to tread,a choice,beckoning you to be free.

 Nature, the Muse

Another extraordinary piece in the collection is the award-winning poem ‘Pallikaranai Marshlands from Our Abode’ which won first prize in an international poetry writing contest, P.B. Shelley – Youth’s Unextinguished Fire, organized by Sarojini Naidu Vanita Maha Vidyalaya, Hyderabad, in August 2021. The poet’s love for nature which is a recurring theme in some of the poems is most explicitly expressed in this particular poem.In between fox nuts and fritters,I am often torn apart. “To live or to live long”is a question I often juggle with. Days of restraint are spoiled in a fraction of seconds, when on a dazzling Sunday evening— when the orb is yet to set and its sharp rays are penetrating through the semi-watery surface outside— brunch is followed by linner 

Sisterhood, Human Relations and Longing for Loved Ones

The poem ‘The Man Who Dug his Own Grave,’ displays multiple themes; the complexity of human nature and relations being one of them. The poet has captured the emotions of an old man waiting for his children to return home. In the end tired and disappointed he puts a rest to his painful wait, accepts his fate, and dugs his own grave.Days passed, so did months, but the old man’s children never came; he waited and waited, waited all too naively, till he got tired and one day dug his own grave. Sisterhood is another important theme that recurs in two poems ‘Canvas of Memories’ and ‘My Cousin.’
Most of Akhila’s poems carry a sense of nostalgia and transport the readers to their world of memories, reflection, and contemplation. These works treat some of the most sensitive and pressing issues of our lives and surroundings with delicate subtlety and charm.

Akhila’s works have been published in several newspapers, literary platforms, and anthologies. She is currently working on her second book based on the themes of domestic violence and divorce. Tamarind is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

By TIS Staffer
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