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This Navratri Kinjal Dave and Parthiv Gohil ready to rule the hearts with the new track featuring Vishal Pandey

Vishal Pandey

Kinjal Dave is a known face in the Gujarati Entertainment industry. She is a well-acknowledged folk singer of Gujarat and has been also found in some main lead roles. Her presence in Dhollywood was recognized in 2016 when she outshined herself with her song ‘Chaar Chaar Bangadiwali Gadi.’ She has done some commendable job in songs like Chaar Chaar Bangdi Vali Gadi”, “Ame Gujarati Leri Lala”, “Chote Raja”, “Ghate Toh Ghate Zindagi”, “Jay Adhyashakti Aarti” and “Dhan Che Gujarat” and “Makhan Chor”. She even got an opportunity to debut as an actor in the year 2018.

From being an amazing singer to becoming an actor, she has done justice to all her projects. As Navaratri is approaching and Garba nights are organized across the globe, Kinjal is all set to release her new ‘Gujarati Best’ alongside Parthiv Gohil as a singer and Vishal Pandey as an actor. Media Filmscraft and Navroz Prasla took to Instagram to give a glimpse of their upcoming Garba project for this Navaratri. Kinjal Dave also made sure to crack the news by posting pictures with Vishal Pandey on her account. Both looked awesome wearing their Gujarati outfit giving a clear vibe of being at a Graba night.

Audiences love this feeling of the festival hitting hard. The poster and the announcement brought a lot of joy as Kinjal is also believed to be one of the most celebrated Garba vocalists. This is after two years that people are going to enjoy some great Garba alongside Kinjal. She also mentioned, ‘I am excited that things are falling right at its place and we were able to shoot for this on time. It was great working with Parthiv Gohil and Vishal Pandey. Hoping to see some great reactions from my fans and followers. I am full of joy as Navaratri brings the smile to my face and melody through my songs.’

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